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Donovan McNabb. Allen Iverson. Eric Lindros. Ryan Howard. Great athletes all, but they never delivered a championship to the city of Philadelphia. And they're not alone.
Unbeknownst to me, there's a website that's been documenting the city's athletic failures, and it's been around since 2005. So if you've been living under the same rock I dwell under, let me cordially introduce you to

Their intro pretty much sums it up: Welcome to! This site is dedicated to the inability of a Philadelphia sports team to win ONE championship in over 24 years. At this website, we only care about the four major sports teams in the city. I don't care that the Wings, Phantoms, Kixx, Barrage or any other team won some sort of championship. In the world of sports, only the four major leagues really matter. If you don't like it, go complain somewhere else.

The site features a counter telling you how long it's been since the city has enjoyed a championship (down to the second, with individual counters for each team), as well as a page devoted to the Phillies' 10,000 losses and another page featuring all of the author's hate mail.

As you know, I love stats that back up an argument. So check out this one that they've dug up, anguished Pirate fans:

Phillies have accumulated 1 World Championship, 5 Pennants, and 9 Playoff Appearances in 124 seasons. Can you believe that? Basically the Phillies only had a chance to win a Championship 9 times out of 124 seasons!

14 straight losing seasons (1918-1931) where the Phils went 786-1310 for a outstanding .375 winning percentage

16 straight losing seasons (1933-1948) where the Phils went 888-2443 even more incredible .266 winning percentage

For those keeping score, the Phils managed ONE winning season between 1918-1948!

I've certainly taken my fair share of shots at the Pirates, but compared to those numbers, we should direct our energy to something more productive, because we're not even in the same ballpark next to a run like that.

Luckily, the author will have a completely new chapter to author in the near future. Until then, feel free to enjoy a documented history of failure, close calls, and ultimately, disappointment. [Philly Sucks]

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