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Penguin fans: so excited, they don't even put away their change from the vendor

Wow. I was exhausted merely watching the Penguins' epic 3-2 win last night, so I can only imagine what the players are feeling like today. In order, I would probably guess: confident, relieved, energized, enthused, and then exhausted.

For NBC, the NHL, and the hockey-watching public, this was the kind of game everyone dreamed of. It was the sport of hockey at its highest level, and it was beautiful to witness. The intensity from both teams was unparalleled in this year's playoff. The hits were thunderous. The fans started loud and never let up. As the title would suggest, it was an instant classic, the kind of game where you might say, "You know, I paid $500 each for these tickets and they were a steal."

The hero of the game was obviously Sidney Crosby, for getting the million-pound gorilla off of the team's collective back with his first-period goal and his second goal at 2:34 of period two. But who can forget that memorable third-period shift from Brooks Orpik, who blew up what seemed like half the Red Wings' roster in a matter of seconds? What about a forgotten man like Adam Hall, who banked the eventual game-winner off of Chris Osgood? How about Gary Roberts and Darryl Sydor, whose veteran presence was obvious? Or Marc-Andre Fleury, who came up with a number of big saves? It was the epitome of a team victory, from top to bottom.

Were there any negatives? Well, it was tough to see those leads look like they might evaporate, but this is Detroit; as last night would indicate, it's going to take every bit of energy to win each and every game against this team. Rob Scuderi is still looking for his jock somewhere in front of the Penguins' net, and I'm pretty sure Hal Gill is still sitting in the penalty box; but the criticisms of this team for Game Three are few and far between. This was the game they needed to play and needed to win, and they came through on the biggest stage.

The series now takes a short hiatus and returns on Saturday night, which means a dilemma for those of you who are both Penguins and Kimbo Slice fans. But the pressure has clearly shifted to Detroit, because they're one game away from watching a 2-0 lead disappear before their very eyes. And if that happens on Saturday, we might just have another game to add to that instant classic inventory.

Notes and Links:

--Here's Mark Madden, wearing red in a sea of white, apparently getting into it with some fans. Double M is not talking to the media, but I don't see any press passes around these guys' necks.

--And here's Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, who our photographer noted was busy text-messaging for most of the game. Luckily, it looks like no security was needed on this evening.--Here's a few more cool first-person shots from the inbox:

--Other celebs spotted at the game: Michael Keaton, Alex Ovechkin, a nacho-eating Mark Messier, and NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. And probably a few Steelers, since they're at every game.

--Marian Hossa has nine playoff goals. Is it me, or does it seem like he could have about 29?

--Raise your hand if you missed Georges Laraque last night.

--It was nice to see a sign of life from Geno Malkin, who managed to get three shots on net. I was starting to think that some goons sent by Metallurg Magnitogorsk found their way to Pittsburgh.

--NBC did a pretty nice job with the telecast, although I probably could've made do with a little less from Pierre McGuire, who was forced to scream his commentary due to the volume of the arena for most of the game.

--As my brother pointed out on the Hall goal that was banked off of Osgood's backside: "He didn't go five-hole, he went a-hole."

--I'm really enjoying the custom soundbytes done for DVE by Pens PA announcer John Barbaro [profiled by FSN here], such as "One minute remaining in the show."

It was a nice, subtle way of telling the Trib's Rob Rossi he was running out of time today.

--Keeping with tradition, here's a victory Dockers commercial, featuring the official song of the 2008 Penguins Stanley Cup run, California Soul:


ManBearPig said...

I can't believe that Mark Madden was actually wearing, of all colors, red to a Pens game. I thought his first love was his beloved Penguins? Oh, I get it, they weren't giving out shirts in his size. Assuming that would be the case, all he had to do was get a bed sheet, cut a hole in the middle, draw an 87 with a black magic marker, and wear that. Instant whiteout! He would've blended right in then and not have been subject to the hecklers. It would have even caught any stray nacho sauce from getting on his nice red shirt. I guess you were right about Madden all along Lippsie!

Let me be the first to offer my apologies. I've always been very rude and some might even say... insensitive to this homeboys' feelings.

Oh wahhhhhhhhhhh the Pens fans are bothering me because I got fired. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Anonymous said...

Manpig - that will be 15 yards for taunting. How you can pass up the opportunity to discuss the game and launch into that nonsense is beyond me. Very insightful stuff. Witty, too.

The Pens played so well that I can no longer remember what it was like to watch Games 1 & 2. We're finally seeing our guys skating & scoring. Loved seeing Orpik check who I think was Cleary into the post right before the disallowed goal. It's high time we lay the lumber.

Hats off to your surveillance pics of Double-M and Mayor Quimby. Another 15-yd penalty goes out to those fans for taunting Madden. Of course, he deserves it. He stuck out like a 350 lb guy in a red shirt.

Driving in from NYC for Game 4. The tailgate begins on the Southside at 2pm!

P.S. We need someone to pull an Ulf Samuelsson style "hit" of Holmstrom.

ManBearPig said...


How could I not apologize to Louis Lipps when I was so wrong about Madden? Hey, I may be rude and insensitive, but don't ever call me a rude, insensitive, idiot. Now as far as Madden... what kind of a moron wears red to a Pens whiteout game? I can't believe that for all of Madden's millions that he couldn't afford to buy a white shirt.

Maybe he's planning on grabbing a new radio gig in Detroit? It is "Hockeytown" after all.

Reggie Dunlop said...

i can't believe yinz aren't talking about the game. we won!

Unknown said...

i LOVE california soul

godohoky said...

manbearbitch what the fuck is your problem. You go on a page about the pens game to bitch about madden for wearing red when there are 5 other pages that are all about madden. If you did listen to his show instead of crying probably because he made fun and hung up on you once then you would that he has made fun of the fans wearing white just because sid the kid tells them to.
By the way go Pens what a game I cant wait go saturday night. There now i am not a hypocrite.

Koz said...

Two things about Game 3:

1. The reaction of the crowd when Sidney scored the first goal was like mission control at the end of Apollo 13 when the spacecraft splashes into the ocean. It was just about the same feeling too - relief and absolute hysteric joy. People were hugging random people, high fiving, spilling beer, and some were even tearing up.

2. Watching Orpik blow up all those Wings within a matter of seconds was a powerful experience. I think if you show that video to sick kids they'll get up from their beds fully healed. Life changing.

ManBearPig said...

Dear Goddess of Hockey:

If you scroll up about a foot or so you'll see a picture of Mark Madden wearing a red shirt. Please tell me, so I don't make this mistake again. Was the correct protocol that I was supposed to leave this story and then scroll down to the story about Madden and then write my comment about his red shirt? Gee, I must have missed that rule moron. And what's your problem, anyway. Did you invent the blog or something? I'm sorry that I cost you electricity and your precious time by commenting about Mark Madden in this story the way that I did. And by the way, I have defended him if you read this site with any regularity. But he's the 400 pound fool who showed up in a blood red shirt at a Penguin's whiteout. Defend that.

If I've violated any other blog rules, please don't hesitate to let me know, bozo.