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Remember this?

For those of you who don't feel like clicking on a video, it's Jaguars QB David Garrard's 32-yard, 4th-and-2 scramble in the Steelers' first round playoff loss. It was the last nail in the coffin for the 2007 Steelers, as Jacksonville would go on to kick the game-winning field goal with 37 seconds on the clock. It's also the play that vaulted Garrard, former clipboard-holder, into "established-starter" territory, which led to the requisite (and ongoing) renegotiation of his contract.
One little problem: the Jaguars were holding on the play.
NFL Head of Officiating Mike Pereira admitted the boo-boo yesterday, making it about the 107th time in my life that I can remember the NFL admitting that they botched a call in a Steeler game after the fact.
Steeler Head Coach Mike Tomlin had no comment, since this play was merely one of a number of things that didn't go the Steelers' way that night.
Not to mince words, but while I agree that the call certainly sucked, you won't get any crying on the Steelers' behalf out of me. Remember, this is Pittsburgh, not Seattle. The Steelers surrendered six sacks, they got beat by a guy making his first career playoff start (and on the road, at that), and they ran for 43 yards on 26 carries. Unfortunately, their numerous mistakes throughout the game that put them in a position to be beaten. And while I appreciate the honesty from the NFL, let's try to get the call right the next time.

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Anonymous said...

Gee...thanks, NFL. I could friggin' see that from my damn living room.

KGoon1590 said...

As if the Steelers didn't get enough breaks from the officials - they were whistling down before Rothlisberger even got touched, and on Pittsburgh's final scoring drive, I recall a first down that wasn't really a first down. The Steelers were almost handed that game by the refs.

NestMinder said...

haha. I'm sure those stupid whiny steeler fans will be all over this. I actually covered it right after the fact, here:

Geoff said...

Hold or no hold, I find it unlikely that any Steeler was going to tackle a 240 pound quarterback, running full speed, and needing short yardage for the first down. That's a lot of momentum!

pxbrgdude said...

The thing is G Dub, that would have made it 4 and 12 if the hold was called. Anyway, I really cannot understand why Mike Pereira had to come out and say this now, it's just rehashing bitter memory's.