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The Bullpen...May Be a Problem

BRAVES (1-2) 10
PIRATES (1-1) 2

Tom Gorzelanny pitched six innings, yielding six hits, three walks, and three earned runs. Not the greatest performance ever, not the worst performance ever, but he turned the game over to the bullpen with a 3-2 deficit. Big mistake.
In two innings, the Bucco bullpen surrendered seven hits, seven earned runs, and two home runs, as 3-2 became 10-2 in short order. Yikes and gadzooks.
After Monday's opener, in which the bullpen blew the game once (9th inning, five runs) and almost twice (12th inning, two runs), I'm starting to think this may be a big problem.
Damaso Marte's ERA is 81.00. Matt Capps' is 40.50. Evan Meek's is 27.00. A small sample size, yes. But frightening numbers nonetheless.
Unfortunately, the Pirates couldn't muster much against pitcher Jair Jurrjens, who was making his eighth career start and first for Atlanta. Imagine that: the Pirates struggling against an unproven starter. We've never heard that before.
Jurrjens is better known is these parts as the Detroit Tiger prospect who was almost traded for Jack Wilson last year. So he could very easily have been a Pirate. But the Bucs and Tigers failed to make a deal, and Jurrjens eventually got dealt to the Braves as part of the Edgar Renteria deal.
The Pirates' offensive ineptitude was led by...drum roll...Adam LaRoche, who was 0-4 with three LaWhiffs and five runners left on base. He was closely followed by Jose Bautista's 0-4/4 LOB game and Jack Wilson's 0-4 performance.
There's not much more to say about this one, especially considering that 99% of Pittsburghers are more interested in a potential championship team that is ready to enter the playoffs. It was your typical, blahse Pirate game.
Next on the Bucco Agenda is a rubber match with Atlanta at 7:10 this evening, as Zach Duke and Mike Hampton begin their Comeback Player of the Year campaigns.


HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Of course LaRoche sucked last night, because it was his first game in April. Safe to say, he LaSucks in that month.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

The Bucs tried to get Jair Jurrjens from the Tigers last year in the Jack Wilson trade. Ironic that his first game was against us, and a Pirates loss.

wdee said...

Jurrjens started seven games for the Tigers last year.

Anonymous said...

I realize that b/c the Buccos actually suit up, take the field, and "compete" against other teams this it is instantly a topic worthy of disucssion.

But with the Pens on a possible march to the Cup, I cannot, in good conscience, pay the Buccos one iota of attention until hockey season is over.

No, not even to poke fun.

I'm paying as much attention to the LA Clippers as I am the Buccos right now.

And they've earned it.