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--EDSBS checks in on the Pitt "Murdock incident". Yikes. A must-read.
--Pirates 2, Dodgers 11 in Los Angeles last night. The PG's headline: "Morris rocked again". That's about as far as I'll get into analysis of that game, although I will mention that Nate McLouth had two hits, running his hitting streak to 14.
--Finally, someone's chronicled all of the Mr. Belding party photos. Well done.
--Bill Clinton was hanging out at IUP today. Refresh my IUP still a big party school?
--The Steelers have the NFL's toughest schedule, facing teams with a .598 winning percentage last year. The easiest? That would be New England, at .387, followed by San Diego at .422. Sounds fair.
--Here's more on the Steely McBeam arrest from the Sports Pickle.
--It's Titletown, USA, the next ESPN segment you'll be complaining about this summer.
--Dan Marino is giving the commencement address at Pitt this year. Duquesne has countered with Jerome Bettis. Your move, Robert Morris.
--Former Penn State TE Kyle Brady visited with the Steelers. It would be a shrewd signing...about 10 years ago.
--The Steelers also met with Eastern Michigan DE Jason Jones and Georgia Tech LB Philip Wheeler. The Steelers sure enjoy visiting with all of these players. What do you think they talk about?
--Here's a farm report from the Pirates, including a very happy 10-3 Indianapolis team.
--Who's #1, Crosby or Malkin? Ron Cook needs an answer to the question no one's asking.





Anonymous said...

Child of the 1980's that I am, I find it impossible to see or hear the name "Murdock" without envisioning the zany, hapless Murdock character from "The A-Team."

Does anyone else have this problem?

AJ said...

In the bar at the Clarion Hotel in New Kennsington, there is an autographed photo of Mr. Belding getting drink there.

This is the same hotel where that 34 year old teachers aid got arrested for partying with the high school kids in her room.

Apparently, it must be the social hive of New Ken.

Reggie Dunlop said...

when i hear 'murdock', i think of rambo II. actually, this dude went berzerk just like rambo

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

Cub exec 1: "maybe we should put netting up so none of our fans falls onto the field"

Cub exec 2: "you mean the railing isn't enough?"

Cub exec 1: "dude, we are talking about Cubs fans."