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Seattle Cook Adds Secret Sauce to Steeler Fan's Burger

In today's latest example that Seahawk fans dwell on that past a little too much, a Seattle fast-food cook was accused of spitting on a hamburger ordered by a man wearing Steelers attire. I'm guessing this happened because Seahawk fans feel the game was poorly officiated, as this Steeler fan obviously had a hand in the outcome.

The greatest part of the story was that when police visited the cook's house, they smelled marijuana in addition to the implied scent of sour grapes. The cook was later released after being booked for investigation of fourth-degree assault and possession of marijuana.

Seattle fans, you're just embarrassing yourselves at this point. A pot-smoking burger cook spitting on a hamburger, and two years after the fact?

But you have to put yourself in this guy's shoes. The Seattle Supersonics are leaving town, and you're resigned to asking Bill Simmons for help. You've already waved goodbye to A-Rod, Ken Griffey, Jr., and Randy Johnson. It rains all the time. Starbucks has overexpanded and is laying people off. And grunge music just doesn't sell like it used to.

So all of your hopes are pinned on the Seahawks, and that would make anyone depressed. This is a team that lists Franco Harris as one of their four Hall of Famers. They gave an 8-year, $62 million deal to Shaun Alexander, only to watch him pack it in. They employed human lowlife Jerramy Stevens. They got back at the Vikings' signing of Steve Hutchinson by signing WR Nate Burleson to a seven-year $49 million offer sheet. That's a fair trade. They watched Charlie Frye against the Steelers in week one and said, "Is there any way we could pry him away?"

Obviously, this is a desperate fan base. So if spitting on a Steeler fan's hamburger is going to make their day a little brighter, then maybe we shouldn't be so quick to judge them.

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