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--Your Pittsburgh Penguins are first in the East after a 3-1 victory against the Rangers. This game had it all: a rare glimpse of what Sidney Crosby and Marian Hossa could do together, Brandon Dubinsky's skate cutting Geno Malkin's cheek and subsequent stitches, and the always-exciting Max Talbot goal.

A few notes:

-Malkin now sits at 46 goals, and 104 points, still trailing Alexander Ovechkin's 109.

-The Pens are 7-0 at home in March and 9-0-2 at home since February 13.

-Marc-Andre Fleury is 13-1 in his last 14 decisions

-The game was the 421st for Jaromir Jagr at the Arena. Could it be the last?

Only a matchup with the Rangers and two games with Philadelphia remain, and then you can buy your secondary-market playoff tickets.

--Speaking of the Rangers, did you know that Sean Avery's name turned up on the client spreadsheet of Manhattan madam Kristin Davis?

--Your Final Four is set: #1 seeds all around (just as I so gutlessly predicted in the Mondesi Madness poll, thank you very much).

--Floyd Mayweather KO'd 7-foot, 440-pound "The Big Show" at Wrestlemania 24. Doesn't look like it in this picture.

--George W. threw out the first pitch at the Nationals' new stadium last night. He also called the first home run in stadium history. Yes, that's really him and not Frank Caliendo.

--Happy Valley turned into Obama Country this weekend.

--81-year-old Joe Paterno broke his three-month silent treatment to talk about coaching 10 more years, his celebrity, and drinking bourbon. Seriously.

--The Pitt women are in the NCAA Tournament no more, dropping a 72-53 decision to Stanford on Saturday night. I'm guessing that wasn't on the minds of most of you when it played out around midnight on Saturday.
--Mike Tomlin is confident that the Steelers will be competitive in 2008. That makes one person.

--Cedrick Wilson was ordered to seek anger management. And not the cute, Jack Nicholson kind.

--Happy days are here again: Matt Kata has re-joined the Pirates via trade.

--The Pirates open at a lowly #27 in the PG's Power Rankings, ahead of only Houston, Washington, and San Francisco, in a poll obviously taken before they re-acquired Matt Kata.

--"Headline Says it All" Department: Nipples Nowhere To Be Seen On Wrestlemania Ad

--What does a crowd of 115,300 look like in the 7th inning? In LA? Like 25,000 people.

--Here's a hard-hitting interview with Reggie Bush squeeze Kim Kardashian.

--Hideki Matsui's porn collection is at 55,000 videos and growing. Strange, yes, but so was his introducing his wife by displaying a drawing of her.

--Kathie Lee Gifford returned to TV today, as she will host the 4th hour of NBC's Today show. Try to contain your enthusiasm.

--Read the story of Johnstown junk accumulater Dr. Chandan Vora, who carries her legal documents in BiLo bags stacked on a baby stroller.

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Ron said...

Barack Obama, Jerome Bettis, and LYNN SWANN? Have another cup of coffee and take a look at "Lynn Swann" again, because he sure looks like Franco Harris to me. Funnier still is that former Republican gubernatorial candidate Lynn Swann is one of the last folks I would expect to see on the Obama campaign.