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Pirates Reduced to "All You Can Eat" Sections

When you've already tried bobbleheads, fireworks, skyblasts, and "bring your dog to the ballpark days" to spur ticket sales, there are few promotions left in the arsenal of a professional sports team. Or so you thought! The creative minds at PNC Park have a new twist for the Pittsburgh ticket-buying public: an all-you-can-eat section.
Hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, salads, popcorn, peanuts, ice cream and soda, they're all fair game. And all this for the bargain price of $35 in advance or $40 at the gate, which is roughly the same price one would pay for the gourmet buffet at the Bellagio.
Prediction: this will be a huge success. As you may have noticed, Pittsburgh's not exactly San Diego when it comes to fitness and diet. When you offer Pirate customers the combination of endless saturated fats and all-you-can-LaRoche, who are we to resist?

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Mark said...

Here's a better idea for getting people in the seats: Field a team that isn't out of contention for post season play by July.

I wish the Pirates didn't suck so that I could actually enjoy baseball again.