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Panthers Overpay Colclough by Approximately $4 Million

Anyone looking for a useless defensive back/butterfingered return man who was released last year? Anyone? Surprisingly, yes. The Carolina Panthers obviously had $4 million burning a hole in their pocket so they decided to blow it on Ricardo Colclough, the much-maligned former Steeler last seen in a Cleveland Browns uniform.

The Panthers have locked up Colclough's considerable services for the next two seasons, clearly making them the front-runner to represent the NFC in the 2009 Super Bowl.
Much in the same light as Jamain Stephens and Scott Shields, Colclough (pronounced Coakley, misspelled Colclough) ultimately finds himself in the category of "Forgettable Bill Cowher High-Round Draft Picks Wasted on Small School Gambles". Although he did have quite a memorable run in Mr. Bill's doghouse in 2006.
In a bitter twist of irony, it was before the Steelers-Panthers game last season where I was served fast food by a restaurant employee donning a Colclough jersey who felt that hand-washing after taking a dump was more of an option and not a necessity. That will always be my favorite Ricardo Colclough memory.

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