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Faneca Follows in O'Donnell's Footsteps

Following in the footsteps of heralded Steeler-turned-Jet Neil O'Donnell, Alan Faneca finally got his big payday with the New York Jets this weekend. The deal is worth $40 million over five years, with $21 million guaranteed. Showing that winning is certainly not everything, Faneca chose New York over the equally crappy St. Louis Rams, San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals. I know I'd have a hard time choosing between blocking for Alex Smith or blocking for Kellen Clemens the next five years.
There is no doubt that Faneca was a tremendous impact player during his time in Pittsburgh, but much like Bill Cowher a year ago, this exit seemed inevitable for quite some time.
Faneca joins a rebuilding Jets team that recently acquired Kris Jenkins and has the sixth pick overall in the upcoming draft. Of course, the Jets have the unfortunate luck of playing in the same division as teams run by Bill Belichick and Bill Parcells, so winning soon might not necessarily be a sure thing. Then again, there's also a team run by Ralph Wilson, the Buffalo Bills who makes Joe Paterno look like a spring chicken, so hope may spring eternal after all for the Jets.

As for the Steelers' latest financials, they're busy figuring out exactly how many millions to give Max Starks while at the same time looking for public money to use towards an entertainment complex planned near Heinz Field. We can only hope for everything to work out, as I envision a freshly-paid Starks jumping onstage at a downtown Hannah Montana concert in a few years. I'm sure the Steelers are hoping for the same.

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Faneca...let him go play for losers.