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--It was a bitter end to the Pitt Panthers' season on Saturday night, certainly raising the old question of "how much energy do they burn in the Big East Tournament?"
Today, the PG looks back on what was a fascinating season, noting that seniors Ronald Ramon and Keith Benjamin won 101 games, went to four consecutive NCAA tournaments and won a memorable Big East championship while at Pitt.

--At least the Pitt women are still alive, as they face off against Baylor in the second round.
--This Steelers controversy isn't going away anytime soon. However, Steigy says that there is no double standard.
--In the "last week's news" department, the Steelers will play the Bills in Toronto in August, continuing the trend of pro sports leagues exploiting Pittsburgh and Buffalo teams in unconventional settings to sell tickets.
--Trying to get a status report on Sidney Crosby from the Penguins? Good luck.
--TMZ has what might be the greatest Bill Belichick picture ever:

--Straight Outta Johnstown interviews Megan from 'That's Amore'

--Penn State LB Tyrell Sales: innocent!


Anonymous said...

I'm still very bitter about the Pitt loss. My NCAA Tournament rooting interests hav ebeen "expanded" to include to of my most-hated Big East teams: 'Nova and WVU.

If my team can't win, I at least want to see an underdog from the Big East do some more damage.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I'll pull for 'Nova, not WVU though.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

I hate Belichick more than most people but I dont blame him for turning and looking at a girl in short shorts.

--This just in, Belichick is human!--