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--How to settle the Pens' goalie debate? Play them both! That's what happened in last night's depressing 5-2 loss at Florida. Ryan Malone and Kris Letang lit the lamp for the Penguins, who surrendered 19 shots in the first period. Here's hoping that things get back on track for the nationally-televised showdown with Ovie on Sunday.

--I had never heard this before, and apparently it's old news, but yesterday I heard on the Mark Madden Show that Alexander Ovechkin allegedly beat up Evgeni Malkin's agent last summer. That might explain some of the bad blood exhibited earlier this year:

--The Steelers continue to bring in free agents with only $1.3 million in cap room available. So what do they plan on paying these guys with? Kevin Colbert's good looks?
Actually, they're holding $7 million in limbo with Max Starks, and they could renegotiate some contracts. Of course, many people find this cap news surprising, since the Steelers are so famously cheap.
--Terrelle Pryor is supposedly making his college choice by April 1. Of course, he had to pick April Fool's Day, leaving that door open.

--Robert Morris wins their first-round tournament game, 64-50, over Monmouth. FSN jumps on the bandwagon with a telecast of their Sunday semifinal against 16-14 Mount Saint Mary's.

RMU's Tony Lee looks downright scared of whatever's on that ball

--So have you heard about the Tom Brady-Gisele and P Diddy-Sienna Miller videos from the security tapes at New York's highbrow Philippe restaurant?

--We'll close with news once again from Straight Outta Johnstown, which is quickly becoming a favorite of mine: on the new MTV show That's Amore, there are two female contestants from Johnstown, one from Pittsburgh, and one from Indiana, PA.

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