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Thursday Night Recap

There were four important games last night for city teams, so let's start with the good and eventually work into the bad:



No, not even a Canadien hitting Evgeni Malkin in the groin with a hockey stick could stop the Penguins on this night. With Savran, I mean, Sabourin in goal, a 3-2 Penguin lead turned into a 4-3 Canadien lead in short order, to the surprise of no one outside of Michel Therrien. So much for showcasing the odd man out.

But the Penguins have proven time and time again that they are a resilient bunch, so it was up to Malk and Sergei Gonchar to score the tying and winning goals, sending 21,273 Canadiens fans home disappointed. Now that's a beautiful sight.

Leave it to the Simpsons to assist my attempt at humor

Penguins celebrate a Russian winner; Gonchar's 600th point polishes off Montreal [PG]



I think Robert Morris has been mentioned once in the nearly two year history of this blog, but it's worth noting that they've now won 10 in a row. Bateko Francisco, a transfer from Fort Scott Junior College in Kansas, scored a game-high 16 points to lead the way for RMU.

Next up, the Colonials battle Wagner for first place in the Sewall Center tomorrow night. Bobby Mo (22-6) and Wagner (20-6) are tied for first with 13-2 conference records. The winner has the inside track on becoming a 16-seed in a few weeks.

Colonials earn 10th victory in a row [PG]



If anyone wanted to learn the definition of the word "evaporation", you missed your opportunity, unless you happened to Tivo last night's Pitt game. The Panthers' 11-point lead vanished right before our eyes, as Pitt fell to 19-7, 7-6, and seventh place in the Big East.

Sam Young led the Panthers in the categories of points (20) and missed dunks (1). Dejuan Blair added 14 points and 13 rebounds as he continues to inch closer to a double-double average (11.7, 9.6). Levance Fields contributed 10 points and five assists in 25 minutes as he continues his return from injury.

There's not much more to say about this one, as it was ultimately a forgettable performance, save for the attendance of one Charlie Weis, who took up at least three seats.

Irish rally past Pitt [PG]



Duquesne's had a nice little run this year, but I doubt that Thursday's game will be featured in their 2007-08 highlight video. They were run out of the gym by Sean Miller's Xavier Musketeers, who are currently ranked 10th in the nation. It didn't help Duquesne's cause that they shot 30% from the field. Shawn James led the charge for the Dukes with 11 points, six rebounds and seven blocks in just 21 minutes. The Dukes fell to 16-9 and 6-6 in the A-10.

You can find a recap, live blog, and eulogy at Dukes Court.

No. 10 Musketeers outclass Dukes [PG]


Meadowbrookalum1 said...

Don't forget Blair's lack of hustle on defense. Sure he can block shots, but when it comes to headging on screens or anything else outside of guarding the low block, the guys an absolute liability.

wvblueblackandgold said...

I don't want to be blasphemous, but could it be the Pens are actually a better TEAM when 87 is not in the lineup?

It's clear Malkin needs to be playing his natural position, and, not on a second line (or the second line he plays center on when 87 is in the lineup, that is when he's not playing wing).

I don't know. 87 is great, but Malkin is scary. He takes over games.

I don't know enough about hockey to figure out how you have an 87 and a Malkin on the same team and there be room for both. Maybe someone has the answer.