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--Big night of sports in the Steel City: there's the Pens and Canadiens, Pitt and Notre Dame, Duquesne and Xavier, and Robert Morris vs. Mount St. Mary's. Make sure the batteries are working in your remote.

--The Steelers use the transition tag on McDonald's pitchman Max Starks.

--The World's Biggest Music Collection sold for a little more than the $3 million minimum bid this morning, to a buyer from Ireland.

--Anyone watch that Suns-Lakers game last night? It was Shaq's debut and another excuse to trot out the "Shaq vs. Kobe" storyline. But turned out to be a highly entertaining matchup, with the Lakers ultimately prevailing, 130-124. Let me repeat that: 130-124, in regulation.

--You have to admit, the Brazilian guy who got the octopus suction cups onto his arms is pretty innovative.

--It's that time of the year: Combine!

--FSU cowgirl Jenn Sterger has a new job as "The Sports Babe".

--Omar Minaya thrilled to discover David Wright’s Great-Grandmother was 1/8th Cuban

--Here's an interesting ESPN column outlining the needs of QB-deprived NFL teams.

--Meet the the North Huntingdon lady who beat her sister with a prosthetic leg, crapped in the back of a squad car, and threw ground beef at her neighbors.

--People Magazine is always a softie when it comes to overrated quarterbacks, so naturally they would prominently feature Tony Romo in this week's issue.

--Miss the lunar eclipse? I would say, "tough luck", since it's not happening again until 2010. But luckily, the PG sent a photographer into space to capture these photos:

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