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--Penguins 1, Bruins 2. A frustrating evening at Mellon Arena. And my personal plea to Erik Christensen: SHOOT!
--As Koz pointed out in his column, MAF made his rehab debut last night: a 3-1 win, 30 saves, and white pads.

--Try out the Virtual NES. 765 games. Totally free. No need to blow in the cartridges that don't work.

--Check out the world's smallest bodybuilder. The hair is a nice touch.

--Pats fans who continue to deny their Super Bowl loss have a new home:, filled with a virtual slideshow outlining how the Pats were robbed. In other news, the entire NFL is planning to collaborate on another website:

--Speaking of the Pats, here's the only petition that really matters: For All New England Patriot Fans To Be Reffered To as "Nerd-Ass Idiot Dork-Jerks". I'm in.

--Possibly the worst story I've ever heard: a bride dies during her first dance.

--Jayson Stark recaps all the fun of the Clemens/McNamee circus in Washington.

--Roger Goodell has no regrets over destroying the Spygate tapes. They couldn't possibly be as entertaining as the Chris Berman tapes.

--Josh Booty got drunk. And then he got tased.

--Kelvin Sampson is on dangerously thin ice at Indiana. And if he's out, who's going to replace him? Anyone available? Anyone????

--The big Jason Kidd-t0-Dallas trade has been blocked by...Devean George?


The Duke from Dukes Court said...

Duquesne upset Dayton on the road last night. Dayton had an RPI of 16 going into last night's game.

This is the same Dayton team that beat Pitt by 25 points earlier this season.

Mosh Pitt said...

"the same Dayton team that beat Pitt by 25 earlier this year"

I disagree. This was the Dayton team who lost 5 of 7 before they played Duquesne. Pitt had just lost two of its starters during that week too. Not a good measuring stick for the Dukes win last night.

Here's hoping James can play like a beast in the A-10 tourney. I want to see the dukes in the post season this year