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Ryan: An Argument on Pryor to Pitt

Note the humble nickname on his locker: KING.

Before you go any further, please note that these hypotheses are being formulated by an Ohio State fan. I’ve spent many a day on ESPN, Rivals, and Scout trying to get a pulse exactly what is going with Terrelle Pryor. I’ve been watching the news and taking in the obsession that is consuming nearly every Buckeye fan across Ohio and the nation.

I’ve finally gotten to the point to where I can just relax because I’m about 90% sure that Pryor will not be a Buckeye. My hunch is telling me he’s going to Pitt. And before you “x” out of this website laughing, hear me out. The more I research and connect the dots, I really do think that Pitt not only has a shot but is an extreme dark horse in the race. And I've outlined a few reasons why:

--The mysterious untaken scholarship
With Zack Stoudt leaving and Andrew Taglianetti still planning to grey shirt, all of a sudden Pitt has an extra scholarship open. Can somebody please tell me why Dave Wannstedt is sitting on this last scholarship? There has to be a recruit left on their radar that they want to throw this bone to. Most schools would have unloaded this by now.

Unless there's some international recruit we are all unaware of, this makes no sense. Maybe he’s got a 6’7", 340-pound o-lineman over in Romania he’s looking at. But the smart money is he’s saving that last scholarship for Terrelle.

--Letting Stoudt walk without a fight

Stoudt was a fine recruit joining a team with decent talent at this position. He threw for 3,547 yards and 34 touchdowns this past season. QB recruiting is far from a sure thing, so even a three-star recruit can make an impact down the road. Did Stoudt know something the rest of the public didn’t? Pitt folded like a Wal-Mart lawn chair on this one.

You'll have to wait until Louisville visits to throw snowballs at this Stoudt

--It’s the NFL, stupid

If it’s all about the NFL, like I believe it is, why not play in the most NFL crazy city in the county? If you want to be the Pope someday, it doesn’t hurt being a Cardinal for a few years in the Vatican of pro football.

If he stays in Pittsburgh, he instantly becomes one of the most recognizable athletes in the city. And that's saying a lot for a town that features Sidney Crosby, Ben Roethlisberger, Evgeni Malkin, Hines Ward, et al.

He's not interested in being a “college football” icon; to do that you have to stay and play. He’s already got his eyes on the NFL, the stardom and the big money. Staying is Pittsburgh practically lets him keep one foot in the NFL and one in college football. Pittsburgh is where his star will burn brightest and make him most marketable.

The Dad
I really didn’t even factor this in until I heard Penn State was the only one that “got” to him. I figured all along that Tressel, Rodriguez, and every other coach worked the parent angle. But when it was revealed that Mr. Pryor was basically ignored by the recruiters, I drew the conclusion that recruiting has just started. If he's going to take courtesy look at PSU, Pitt cannot be far behind, and I think he will be sold on what he sees. I know he’s been to Heinz Field, but I think playing in front of Dad is his will be a high priority once it's said and done.

I believe him when he says he never really had a chance to concentrate on the recruiting process
When I first got interested in the saga I was very quick to judge him. All I really saw was highlights on FSN and video footage on Rivals. I applied the “star” player label before even seeing any interviews. I know he has swagger and has many cocky tendencies on the field, but he convinced me after his “deciding to not decide” press conference that he really hasn’t given a true thought as to what he is really looking for. I believe the boy really is clueless, even with the fine tutelage of one Charles Batch. As far as I’m concerned, it's tied at halftime. With all things being equal, I believe that Pitt will step back up to the plate and land the big fish.

He will get sick of Rich, Jim, or Joe

I love Tressel to death, but he is a tenacious recruiter and this can make his relentless style look more like harassment. Another thing that's hurt OSU is Tressel Ball. It’s not the most exciting style of football and Terrelle knows that.

Dick-Rod is a slime ball, plain and simple. I’m guessing his act has worn thin. Pryor’s dad seems like too much of a nice guy to fall for Rodriguez's used car salesman tactics.

JoePa is JoePa, plain and simple. Sending Tom Bradley as his surrogate will make Pryor second guess as to who is actually running the show. And joining the 42nd ranked recruiting class seems very unappealing, especially with their style of offense. Friends don’t let friends join the Lions.

Paterno: a closet Jay-Z fanatic

Pitt’s already committed class could play a major role into getting Pryor to stick in the 'Burgh.

Heinz Field will be packed and he knows it. With Pitt landing so many stud area recruits, it's a no-brainer that attendance will skyrocket if Pryor is a Panther. 65,000 is good enough for Big Ben, why not him?

Even Steely would show up to watch Terrelle

Of course this is all speculation. I basically know jack squat when it come to the ins and outs college recruiting. I just wanted to write a fun article to get a little discussion going. Too many columns written about Pryor are way too serious. It’s about time we started having fun with this roller coaster ride. I'm very anxious to see how this all turns out. I just hope Senator Tressel has a ace in the hole, because this Buckeye fan believes he’s gone.


san_antonio_holmes said...

you have got to be kidding me. i think the simple fact that pitt is such a darkhorse is BECAUSE THEY GAVE UP RECRUITING HIM A LONG TIME AGO. they figured they didnt have a chance and packed it in. they already have a qb and name me one player wanstache has turned into an nfl superstar? he was a bad nfl coach. pittsburgh is the stage for the opening act of an nfl career? correct me if im wrong but osu and psu played in a lot more nationally televised games than pitt and the exposure is much greater at a 25 school. also, osu and psu has pumped out more people in the past 2 seasons than pitt has in a decade. heinz field will be packed? thats a joke. the dad angle? i hope you kno that he went to penn state and the only reason why psu was still being considered was bc of the father. the comment on the offense up in happy valley, well remember 2005, when psu won the big ten? michael robinson ran the spread offense with the same o-coordinator they have now. so dont think bc for 2 years they ran a pro style that they are unable to switch back for a stud like pryor.

typical osu fan, ill-informed and scared.

sshisheng said...

Buckeye fan? You went to YSU, please.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Pryor's not going to Pitt. Pitt already has a good enough recruiting class.

And San Antonio, Wannstache has only been there 3 years, so it's unlikely that any of his players will be superstars yet, but I think Darrelle Revis will qualify.

I like the new writers, but so much the new commenters that seemed to come with them. Grrrrreat, we get to hear Penn State and OSU fans bicker. Hey, why doesn't the Penn State guy throw beer cans at the OSU guy?

I liked it better when there was just a bunch of Pitt fans, and that guy Adam.

Anonymous said...

It's almost entertaining watching PSU and Buckeye fans argue- and besides, this is Rege's shtick... Remember the "college allegiance" article, and the debate that ensued? I think it ended up with like 40 comments, with at least 8 from Adam.

Speaking of Adam, what ever happened to him? I feel like we haven't heard from him in quite awhile.

san_antonio_holmes said...

yea, there were a few bad apples who threw beer cans at osu fans who walked through there party but wasn't it a PITT student who chased the osu fans down to hit them?

i totally agree with the fact that pitt has a good recruiting class and few pieces in place (bostick, mccoy) and adding pryor might be a disruption. but there is no way he would ever go to pitt anyways.

have you pitt fans agreed on what shade of blue you are supposed to wear?

sshisheng said...

Louis lipps is my...

Here, Here. As someone that unfutunately lives in Cowlumbus. I come to this blog to get away from these people. So imagine my chagrin when I see this cartoon of anus sniffin' Jim Tressel.

Lets bet back to all things Pittsburgh.

Mosh Pitt said...

san antonio-

I've long ago given up on Pitt landing Pryor ...but what kind of a statement is that? Do you think there is a Pitt fan out there who would say..."Well, Pryor is the most sought after recruit of the decade, but we have Pat Bostick who ended the season on a high note, not to mention a couple of good incoming, unproven freshman, let's not disturb things"?


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...


I think Adam left when he realized he was no longer the only "token guy that hates Pitt" on this blog haha.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I know.

Mondesi's House used to be a fun place to read something, then make jokes about it.

Now we're going to get the stupid "_____ fans are delusional!" and "Fans of ____ team I don't like are all morons!" and other assorted stupid arguements you read on like every fucking sports blog.

I'm sure some dumb Pitt student that was trying to impress his frat buddies started the whole thing. Whatever. They're all idiots and he's the biggest one. I will make fun of Penn State for that LIBERALLY for as long as I want because I've had the stupid moral high horse of Nitters shoved down my throat for 20+ years. It's fine, my sister's one haha...

Let's just get back to jokes and not turn it into some big dumb arguement blog.

I like jokes. Hey I even like making fun of Levance Fields for getting tased, because getting tased is hilarious! (unless you're that guy in Canada that died from it)

Anonymous said...


Does that Adam kid still exist or has he been sent to Schumann Center?