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Hot Dog Zanzabar's Message Board Mayhem

I’ll be covering a number of subjects this week. Without further adieu…

*First things first. Yesterday was National Letter of Intent Day for high school seniors that wish to play college football. Of course, all anyone can talk about is Terrelle Pryor, so I’m going to spare you what we have all heard ad nauseum. For the most part, the local schools were pleased with this year’s haul.

Pitt fans that can’t comprehend a complete sentence are still waiting on the two big surprises that Senor Stache alluded to two weeks ago. Apparently, a number of fans can’t realize the difference between ‘hoped for’ and ‘promised’, because Wanny didn’t promise anything. Don’t tell that to Pantherman53. He’s one of the many posters that started a thread wondering who the surprises might be. Don’t hold your breath PantherMan53, you might suffocate before you grow a brain.

Pitt fans DID have a legitimate reason to be disappointed yesterday. Not with the class, but with the coverage, or lack thereof, on Signing day is the busiest day of the year for websites that follow college sports and someone at Scout fell asleep at the wheel. A lot of clicks went to to get up to the second updates on which 17 and 18 year old kids sent their faxes to football coaches that ignore their families for most of the year.

All in all, Pitt fans should be more than pleased with yet another fine class from Dave Wannstedt. Although the number of scholarships was limited, he managed to pull in a number of highly regarded players.

Penn State has an interesting, yet small class. While they have a number of solid prospects, their fans seem to feel that they really didn’t recruit strongly at positions of need, mainly quarterback and running back. In fact, they were victims of the now infamous, ‘verbal and then sign a letter of intent somewhere else’ from a highly regarded running back out of Ohio. Penn State’s fortunes can change with one pen stroke from a certain attention-magnet in Jeannette, but does anyone really believe that is going to happen?

West Virginia finished strong in the last week under Gomer Pyle. I was rather surprised with some of the talent they were able to pull, as were a number of their fans. One thing about West Virginia is that you seem to take a chance every time you happen upon that board. Yesterday was a nice day to visit, since they seemed to focus on their recruits and not discussing Rich Rodriguez. Once the letter of intent ink is dry and the moonshine hangover starts to kick in, I’m sure the vitriol will commence.

Before I continue on to other sports, I wanted to post this thread that was started by GordonGeckko. After all, the title of this column is “Message Board Mayhem”. Why not post a thread from the Pitt board that was left by a megalomaniac Boise State fan? Even funnier than the post were the comments by some people that obviously don’t have a sense of humor. Relax, people!

*CaliEd posed an interesting question on the Pirates message board. For those of you that don’t know who the Pirates are, they are a professional baseball team that plays in Pittsburgh. The question posed was whether or not the general public could purchase the team, a la Green Bay Packers. With our luck, the people that pull this off would realize how awesome it is to make a ton of money.

*Some interesting takes from the recent comments by Michel Therrien that were critical of Ryan Whitney. Normally, Penguin fans are pretty much anti (insert head coaches name here). However, an equal number of people seem to want rid of Whitney due to his passive play in the defensive zone.

*Rather than posting each individual link, I’ll just post this link to the New England Patriots message board. I don’t know what I hate more, their head coach, their players, their fans or their message board moderators. Why message board moderators, you ask? Besides being jagoffs that say the word "wicked" too much, they imposed a rule that would get any visitors account banned for inflammatory comments. Give me a break. If you can’t anonymously make fun of people online, then why did Al Gore invent the Internet? Go back to your Red Sox hot stove reports; we all know that’s what you really care about.
Got a message board that just begs to be dissected? Read a ridiculous thread that everyone would enjoy?

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tha friendly stranger said...

I agree the internet is indeed good for two things and 2 things only... making fun of people annyomously and porn.... period