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--Thanks again to the guys at DVE for another fun appearance on Thursday. What other show offers you a guest list as diverse as Jerry Springer followed by that guy from Mondesi's House?
--Pitt breaks West Virginia's heart yet again, as Ronald Ramon hits a 3-pointer at the buzzer, resulting in a 55-54 Panther win. Lots more to talk about on this game.

--Pens 4, Islanders 3 at the Igloo. Whipping Boy Whitney contributes half of the goals, so get off his back.

--Who's crazier: Brian McNamee or Roger Clemens? And ESPN, when you're talking about Roger Clemens and performance-enhancing drugs, can you get some new stock footage? I'll bet I've seen that clip of Roger catching a football about 1500 times.
--The writers behind Fire Joe Morgan finally reveal themselves.
--At long last, the Mike and Mike Ombudsman has arrived. It's about time.
--Steve Spagnuolo is staying with the Giants. And for the last time, he's not related to me.
--Move over Psychic Friends... catch the Plaxico Friends Network for your sports related predictions.
--Why did the Pirates retire the number of Billy Meyer?

--Meet Kurt William Havelock, the would-be restauratuer who planned to "shed the blood of the innocent" at the Super Bowl. Sounds like a reasonable fellow.
--SI's Dr. Z. grades all of the NFL analyst teams. If your name is Tony Kornheiser, Ron Jaworski, or Mike Tirico, you probably don't want to click this link.

--It's the first in a series: Be Like Tike's Pirate Snapshots of Futility. To lead off, 2000 position players.

--Breaking down the big Shaq-Shawn Marion trade.

--The name of this post says it all: "Tim Tebow Tim Tebow Tim Tebow Tim Tebow"
--Kirsten Dunst joins Eva Mendes in the crowded celebrity rehab world.

--ESPN SportsCenter used to be a heaven of sports highlights and nothing else. Then a portion of the show slowly morphed into boring staged debate mode. And the decay of the network's signature program hit rock bottom with this recent clip of Sean Salisbury calling John Clayton "The Cryptkeeper".


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