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The Final Piece is in Place

Today the Pirates made a bold move, and by bold move I mean bringing in a pitcher with a 6.08 ERA and three employers last season. In an obvious attempt to upstage the Steelers' big signing of Travis Kirschke yesterday, the Buccos landed pitcher Byung-Hyun Kim, who brings along his best pitch, the exotic Gopherball, shown below in the 2001 World Series:

Kim had such a great 2007 campaign that not one, not two, but three teams decided they no longer needed his services. He held down the role of Horrible Starter for Colorado, Arizona, and Florida, and at the bargain price of only $2.5 mil. But players who underperformed in the past usually turn over a completely new leaf when joining the Pirates, so look for a big season out of the submariner.

Pirates reach agreement with pitcher Byung-Hyun Kim [PG]

Byung-Hyun Kim [Inappropriately long Wikipedia page]


AJ said...

somewhere in the South Hills, Ronnie Florian is brushing up on his Korean.

Koz said...

It seems as though MLB players can't just retire anymore. Instead they sign with Pittsburgh and fade into obscurity.

With the exception of Kenny Lofton, every veteran free agent who has signed with Pittsburgh has been at least three seasons removed from respectable performance.

I'd call the Pirates a joke, but that would imply that it's funny. I think it's more of a Greek tragedy at this point.

Andy said...

That 2003 class was a good haul. Reggie Sanders was excellent too. Suppan got us Freddy Sanchez.

Other than that...