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The Photos We've All Been Waiting For

A whole generation of Nicaraguans and Romanians will never know that the Patriots lost the Super Bowl, that Bill Belichick left before the clock ran out, or that Tom Brady is a mere mortal. Nor do they care, for they have free t-shirts and hats to commemorate the Pats' monumental defeat.
More photos can be found at The Jets Blog, who seem to be enjoying these as much as Steeler fans would. As one of their commentors points out, they really should sell these in the U.S., if only to antagonize arrogant New Englanders.

*Thanks to emailer Steve for the tip


tha friendly stranger said...

I need one of these shirts in my life

Anonymous said...

One of the all-time best posts in the history of Mondesi's House.

Leave to an angry Jets fan to find these pics.

In fact, I'll bet it was an angry Jets fan who went to Nicaragua to take these pics specifically to taunt his Boston friends.

Unknown said...

it's just so funny.