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The Mondesi's House Team: Zane Bloom

Column: Lee's Tunnel Vision, a roundup of all things Pittburgh sports.
Frequency: Weekly
Background (brief, because he's on the road this week. But hey, that's the beauty of having a dozen writers now...when one's tied up, there's 11 others to pick up the slack)
  • Pittsburgh native
  • Traveled the world while keeping an eye on the Bucs, Steelers, Pens and Pitt Sports.
  • Moved back to PA 2.5 years ago.
  • An all-sport junkie that follows in addition to the regulars: NASCAR, golf, soccer, jailai, cricket, squash, team handball, local university intramurals and slots/gambling.


KnoTheaD said...

Is this the same Zane Bloom that I hit a home run off at the little field in Westbury in 1985? It was my first 4-bagger and I missed third base, bursting into tears when I was called out? THAT Zane Bloom?

Glad to be reading you,
Steve Tighe
(of the 1984 West Allegheny Baseball Association champions, thanks to the legendary Mike Cornelius 9th inning bases-loaded walk to Kevin Jones... in the greatest game ever played)

LeeTunnel said...

Well, as far as Zane Bloom's go, there's me, my dad and some guy in Idaho. You got the right one.

Did I really do the third base appeal on your first ever home run! Man. I apologize for the festering hurt that it has caused. For sure, I know something like that would have fired up Mr. Geisler!

Mike struck out Kevin, btw. The ump just couldn't take another inning of that game, that legendary game, and called an obvious strike 3, ball 4 to avoid another extra inning. The best part of that game still has to be when Jay Schmidt charged the mound on Ron Scherba after getting hit and got tossed. Then they finally had to escort his dad out after his continued yelling at the ump from the hill in right field. Classic. A 1-0 extra inning minor league championship game at the launching pad that ended with a bases loaded walk on a disputed ball 4? Com'n. Definitely the greatest game ever played. Seriously, though, 20+ years later, that game is unforgettable to those that were there. I've still talked with Ron, Kevin, Mike and Metz about that game over the years. In fact, I got together with Metz and Ron two Marches ago for first and second round March Madness in Dallas as we were sitting around talking glory days, that story came up.

My first post should show up tomorrow. Let me know what you think!

Last I saw you, you were getting way into rugby (at IUP I think). Got to be 10+ years.