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The Mondesi's House Team: Patrick Sehn

Columns: Pitt basketball and football

Frequency: Weekly

Background: Hi, my name is Patrick, and I'm a Pitt sports fan. It's been this way since as far back as I can remember. In fact, some of my first memories are walking up Cardiac Hill into the cavernous confines of Pitt stadium or across the street to the Field House with my father. I was fortunate enough to see players like Curtis Martin and Dietrich Jells. I wanted hair like Chad Varga and wanted to roll up my sleeve like Orlando Antigua when I shot free throws. Pitt sports were my childhood, and just recently I realized it's taking up a pretty large portion of my adult life as well. I'm a proud Pitt alum. I survived Oakland and even have a diploma from the English department to boot.

Now that you all know a little about where I'm coming from, I think it's appropriate that I tell you all where this column is going to go. I'm a Pitt cynic. Something's changed in me since my dad first introduced me to the Panthers. Maybe it was the switch away from the Pitt script and the ensuing demolition of Pitt stadium. Perhaps it was LaVar Arrington blocking that field goal or JoePa ruining the rivalry. I can tell you that watching my team lose in the Sweet 16 year after year doesn't help either. I promise you, however, that my articles won't be about how Matt Cavanaugh has worn out his welcome or that Dixon needs to start to recruit guards from somewhere other than New York. There are plenty of positive things to say about Pitt, and they will make their way into my writing too. I can't ensure that some of my opinions won't be obvious in what I type, but again, this won't be a soap box for me to shout from. I think our fearless leader here at Mondesi's House mentioned something about "responsible journalism," so my column will be fair as well. So there you have it. A little about me, a little about what to expect from my articles. I'm fairly new to writing for a blog, but don't feel bad about letting me have it in the comments. Can't wait to get started.

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