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The Mondesi's House Team: Rege Ryan


Column: GENERAL ADMISSION, a bi-weekly, in-person recap from the fan's point of view.
Residence: Harrisburg, by way of Greenville, PA.

Background: I'm a graduate of Youngstown State University and like my college football with playoffs. I'm misplaced because of my job, on the smelly, crowded, Eagle/Flyer-fan-infested side of the state. I wake up every morning coming to grips that I am forever the "away" fan at 90% of all sporting events I attend. I make it back to the "mothership"(Pittsburgh) every chance I get to keep my sanity.
You can consider me your Mondesi's House "on the road" correspondent. Whether it's minor league baseball, AHL hockey, or your beloved Steelers, if it's a good time, I'm probably gassing up the truck. I've seen Lambeau field, Fenway Park, the Ice Bowl, and many more. I plan to add many a new adventures in the up coming year, and I'm taking everybody with me. I just hope you like Lager and Bratwurst.

Rege's Upcoming Schedule:
--Baby Pens @ Bears Jan 20

--Pens @ Philly Jan. 24

--PSU vs. Ill. Feb 16th Mens basketball

--Pens vs Devils March 22nd

--Pens @ Philly April 6th


The Duke from Dukes Court said...

Any connection to another Youngstown State Alum who runs The Chief's Forum blog?

Rege said...

Naw, no relation to that blog. He sounds like he has some issues w/ Tressel,which is weird for any YSUer.