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The Mondesi's House Team: Zach Egnot


Column: Down on the Farm, a weekly account of our minor league teams. Coverage will include the Baby Pens, Wheeling Nailers, and all things related to the Pirates' prosperous minor league system.

Background: Born and raised on the mean streets of Aliquippa, PA, a.k.a. High School Football America. I was considered for a starting d-back job on the football team a couple of years ago but some bum named Darrelle Revis beat me out for the job. I wonder what he’s doing now? Truth be told I’m from a little town called Center but my mailing address happened to be on the Aliquippa side of Center. Quip town represent.

My writing career began in 5th grade when a certain football team I liked happened to lose the Super Bowl when some fabulous quarterback threw two passes directly into the hands of a certain Dallas Cowboys’ d-back (I’m still not referring to the above mentioned players by their proper names). After this game I wrote the post game re-cap for the 5th grade newspaper.

Since then my writing has unfortunately been cooled off a bit by my job and other things but I still enjoy doing it. I was trained at THE John Carroll University (home of London Fletcher, LB for the Washington Redskins) where I minored in communications and learned the finer art of journalism.


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Zach and I share a hometown!

Those punk-asses on the Monaca side of Center Township have nothing on us from the Aliquippa side of Center Township!

And don't forget to pick up your Grandma for bingo at St. Francis Cabrini.

zegnot said...

A terrific first comment. Fr. O' Connell is smiling down from heaven on that Cabrini reference.

PensfanFromTheMD said...

Thats funny, My Grandparents live in the same parts.

Wednesday night I went and saw the Capitals-Avalanche, guy in front of me was from Center Twp as well.

Small world my man.