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The Mondesi's House Team: Matt Kozlowski


Columns: Fantasy Sports, Pittsburgh Penguins

Frequency: Weekly

Originally from: Scott Twp, PA

Currently resides: Outside of Indianapolis

Relationship status: Recently engaged to a Colts fan. The pre-nup willinclude specifics about the sports allegiances of our children, don't worry.

Education: Allegheny College, Class of 2003 - Go Gators!

Non-Pittsburgh sports apparel I own: Among a large collection of hockey jerseys, I am the proud owner of a Hartford Whalers t-shirt. You've got to respect the Whale.

Claim to fame: One time Sidney Crosby came to my mom's house to deliver her season tickets and she gave him oatmeal raisin cookies. That was my idea. She wanted to bake chocolate chip, but I told her he wouldn't eat them because that's not healthy. Also, I talked to him on the phone for 90 seconds. I was as giddy as a 10 year old at a Hannah Montana concert (don't judge, because you know you wouldn't be any different).

What business do I have contributing to this blog? Well, let's see... I've done a few internet sports projects before. When I was in college I got a cease and desist e-mail from the Big Ten for making alternate covers featuring active collegiate players for the EA Sports NCAA Football 2003 game. Yeah, because a few images available for free on the 'net were really destroying the integrity of NCAA athletes. I also authored a now defunct website that presented significant evidence to suggest former Phillies outfielder Von Hayes is actually Satan. If you don't believe me, the trailstarts in the 1987 Topps baseball card set (see card #666).

In my spare time I like to text back and forth with my brother naming now retired NHL goalies. I am going on a limb here and saying unless you've been playing NHL 94 lately you haven't seen the name Peter Sidorkiewicz in at least a decade.

I'm currently researching what the Pennsylvania state legislature can be do about the lawlessnes of hockey in Philadelphia - see here, here, and here. (Keep in mind that all happened in the last week.)

I'm looking forward to providing some hockey commentary here with a little bit of fantasy sports analysis as well. I should mention I'm just coming off of a weekend at a glitzy fantasy re-hab center after Willie Parker's broken foot caused me to lose by one point in a championship matchup one week after that Noreaster in Week 15 sabotaged my other team (which had been on an 11-game winning streak).

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice.




The Duke from Dukes Court said...

I lost my fantasy playoff game when Brian Westbrook decided to take a knee at the 1.

I remember Sidorkiewicz, he was an All Star one year for one of the expansion teams he played for because the rest of their players on the team were just that bad.

I play a similar game with some of my friends where we go back and forth with the names of 80s baseball players.

Koz said...

Lloyd Moseby.

All day, baby.

okel dokel said...

Rance Mulliniks

Koz said...

Rance? No kidding, that killed me. Good job.

I had to look it up on

Sure enough... Rance's baseball card

That's the second best baseball card set of the 1980's by the way. After the 1987 Topps, of course. Man, sports cards in the 80's were awesome.