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This Should Shut Us Up For a While

JETS (2-8) 19
STEELERS (7-3) 16

Humbling. That's the only word that comes to mind after the Steelers' embarrassing 19-16 overtime loss against the New York Jets on Sunday. For all the griping and complaining we collectively do on the Steelers' behalf, it was all proven wrong for three hours yesterday. Beat the Patriots? This team can't even focus enough to beat the Patriots' whipping boy. This was a disturbing loss on a number of levels.
First, let's start with the offensive line. And that's "offensive" in more ways than one. I place this loss mostly on their shoulders, especially Sean Mahan, who was torched by Dewayne Robertson for 2.5 sacks. In case you were wondering, Dewayne had a total of .5 sacks in his previous nine games. Overall, the line surrendered a total of seven sacks against a team that had nine all season.
Remember, yesterday's game pitted the NFL's worst rush defense against the AFC's best running team. Sounds like a mismatch, right? No, it was actually the Denver game all over again. What looked good on paper did not play out as such on the field. Willie Parker had a grand total of 52 yards on 21 carries, or as I call it, "The Edgerrin James Stat Line". The Dump Truck squatted for 39 yards on eight carries, but it really didn't matter. The running game was non-existent. Although it's hard to fault Parker when he's receiving a handoff and a defender is already waiting for him in the backfield.
When you can't run the ball, odds are you'll have a hard time throwing the ball. You'll also have a hard time throwing the ball if your quarterback is always running for his life. It certainly wasn't his finest hour, but I'm not going to pin this one on Roethlisberger.
Think about it...Roethlisberger has been praised all year for his escapability. Did anyone ever sit back and wonder why he always had to scramble around? Possibly his line breaking down? But no one could really be critical of any aspect of the team when they were 7-2. However, after yesterday's loss, I'd imagine critics will be coming out of the woodwork.
The next group that gets some blame for yesterday's showing is the defense. #1 in pass defense, #1 in rush defense, #1 in total defense, #1 in fewest points allowed, blah, blah, blah. The bottom line is that they couldn't stop a rookie quarterback running a two-minute offense when it really mattered.
I believe Thomas Jones was the first Steeler opponent to run for 100 yards since, oh, Earl Campbell or so. As he blew by Brett Keisel time and time again, you knew that this game would not have a happy ending. You have to admit, though...even as he grabs his lady's beehind, he's one bad-looking dude.

Lastly, we'll save some anger for the special teams. They held Leon Washington in check for 60 minutes. Unfortunately, this game went beyond 60 minutes, and the special teamers ultimately were done in by said Mr. Washington, who broke a punt return in OT and set up the game-winning field goal. Weren't special teams supposed to be one of Mike Tomlin's points of emphasis this season? Can he call out himself in his next edition of The News?

He's flipping you off, Steeler fans

All of a sudden, the Steelers look vulnerable, beatable, and like the victim, not the bully. Next week, 0-10 Miami, led by one J-Peezy, face off against the Steelers on a Monday Night showcase. Hopefully they'll take their opponent seriously a week from tonight.

Random game/NFL thoughts:

--Great article about Steeler fans taking over the Meadowlands yesterday. If only the team was as dominant on the road.

--Phil Simms...most unintentionally entertaining announcer of a Steeler game?

--As reader Art points out, we can't forget that the Steelers blew not one, but two chances to ice this game. First, there was the Townsend INT at 7:50 of the 4th Q, followed by Parker for 3, Parker for -1, and a Roethlisberger sack -5. Then, after getting the ball back via punt at 4:15, we had Parker -2, Parker +6, Roethlisberger sack -4. This is the definition of "not closing".

--Again, another strong performance by the Skipper, hitting from 33, 37, and 48. If you ever see him out and about, buy him a drink.

--Maybe we're all underestimating the Jets. Don't forget, a certain juggernaut felt the need to videotape them.

--Speaking of the Cobra Kai Patriots (sorry, I was slipping into a Bill Simmons coma), that was a highly entertaining squashing of Buffalo last night. Entertaining from the standpoint of seeing how long Brady would stay in the game and if a Bill would take a cheap shot at him. Plus, we had the always-fun shots of Ralph Wilson in the owner's box.

Who's on Sunday night next week? That's right, New England. That means we can see Jeffrey Loria squirm as the Patriots build a 42-3 first quarter lead against the Eagles.

Update: I will reprimand myself for the gross error from the above wisecrack, in the words of Mike from the comments section:

"Jeffrey Loria is busy trying to trade Miguel Cabrera for pennies on the dollar. But Jeffrey Lurie might not enjoy next Sunday's game."

Blogger has a spellcheck feature, but unfortunately not an ownercheck feature. My apologies for implying that the Marlins owner would be squeamish while watching the Patriots game.

--One more Patriot point: I realize that they're giving the middle finger to the entire league this year. But let's go back and analyze this: they get the memo about video. They ignore it and get caught in week one. People immediately criticize them, and deservedly so. Who knows how long they've been doing this? All legitimate questions. Yet somehow they turn this around and play the victim card. Pats fans, riddle me this: If you're so awesome, why did you feel the need to cheat against the lowly Jets?

--What was the combined age of the two QBs in the Green Bay-Carolina game? Seriously, Vinny against Brett? Who did the coin toss, JoePa? No, he was busy losing to Michigan State, Penn State's "rival".

--Speaking of college football, anyone who likes movies with sad endings should become a Pitt Panther fan. No one can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory quite like the Panthers.

--Don't you love the roller coaster ride that is NFL analysis? All season, we've heard the Colts will be playing in the AFC Championship at Foxboro. Now, the Colts are struggling to the point that Peyton Manning and Brodie Croyle's stat lines from a head-to-head matchup are virtually interchangeable. Anyone care to take back that prediction?

--The ending of that Cleveland-Baltimore game was just plain dumb. "The play is not reviewable." Why not? Wouldn't that take about five seconds to judge from the replay booth?

--I can remember growing up and eagerly awaiting the 49ers-Rams matchups. Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Eric Dickerson, Chris Everett...

Let's just say that this generation won't have the same fuzzy feelings about the 2007 edition of Trent Dilfer vs. Marc Bulger.

--Carson Palmer's stat line from yesterday was actually four touchdowns, not two. The stat men didn't give him credit for the pair that he threw to Antrel Rolle of the Cardinals. All in all, the Palmer-to-Rolle connection was productive, hooking up three times for 127 yards and two scores in the Cardinals' 35-27 win.

--Four touchdowns for Randy Moss and Terrell Owens on the same day? Couldn't happen to a nicer pair of front-runners. If Randy Moss tried that hard in Oakland, maybe they wouldn't have been so horrible.

--The stats are in from the Reggie Bush-Mario Williams Bowl:

Bush: 15 carries, 34 yards; 12 catches, 70 yards; 0 TD; 2 fumbles - 1 lost

Williams: 6 tackles, 1 sack

--Are you ready for some football tonight? I know I can't wait for the Vince Young Aerial Attack. You know, around 10 completions, 110 yards, 0 TDs, and a pick.


Chris said...

yeah, we looked bad yesterday, but I'm not that worried about it. Our offensive line and special teams have been horrible all season, so that's nothing new, the Jets just capitalized on it. Overall, we just came out like we didn't care about the Jets, and they shoved that down out throats.

No emotion = no win.

Sam said...

Possibly the worst part of the overtime which you did not mention-

The Jets won in overtime with a grand total of 0 first downs on their two possessions.


Dirty Sanchez said...

Good thing we drafted two backup linebackers (actually, I wish I could even call Timmons a backup at this point) and a backup TE with our first 3 picks this year.

I say we go to the shotgun for every snap so Ben will have a 5 yard head start on running for his life every down.

peytonloveskenny said...

The Steelers better take linemen in all seven rounds next year.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

I was wondering why they wouldn't take Faneca's replacement in the first two rounds this past draft when they knew they weren't going to sign him?

I hate to make snap judegements after one game either way, but I lost a little confidence in this core after yesterdays game.

Anonymous said...

After this embarrassment, I hope that the Steelers don't take New England too lightly.

85 said...

Jeffrey Loria is busy trying to trade Miguel Cabrera for pennies on the dollar. But Jeffrey Lurie might not enjoy next Sunday's game.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

chris, couldn't agree with you more. I noticed that when we play outside of our division, all bets are off. We just don't play with the same kind of emotion that comes with playing the AFC North brethren.

That was nice kicking by Skippy yesterday, and I understand he was kicking into the wind, but Sepulveda kicked a dainty little punt right to Washington. If I see him out, I'll buy him a clue.

okel dokel said...

I hate to say this, but I expected them to fall to the Jets. We always lose at least one game to a bad opponent.

The offense line has scared me all year. Not only do we have to draft help for the o-line, we need to explore some starters via free agency. Sean Mahan is bad and evidently his backups are worse.

They received some positive national press and it went to their heads. Play the game on the field not in the media.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...


We usually do lose a game per year to a terrible opponent. I don't know why, but we do.

Problem is, we're 7-3. Good record. But all THREE of our losses were to terrible opponents!!!!

Anonymous said...

Reggie Bush = Eric Metcalf
Reggie Bush = Eric Metcalf
Reggie Bush = Eric Metcalf
Reggie Bush = Eric Metcalf
Reggie Bush = Eric Metcalf
Reggie Bush = Eric Metcalf
Reggie Bush = Eric Metcalf
Reggie Bush = Eric Metcalf
Reggie Bush = Eric Metcalf

...and I'm sick of his damn commericals, too.

Paul Rupp said...

Honestly I think we're capable of playing up to, or down to, any team in the NFL. I may be proven wrong in New England, but I'm not one to say the sky is falling after one loss to a bad team.

I think we're still a good team in a good spot, and now we've just got a little more work to do.

Laser Rocket Arm said...

Sadly, this game will probably be the highlight of the season for the Jets.

Doesn't mean I still don't go LOL STEELERS.

/author of "Why The New York Jets Will Be Better Than The Steelers This Year"

dmcg98 said...

The road games are shaping up to be a concern ...

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Wait, I thought the chick with the boob picture was a Steeler fan... why the hell has she been posting here for a year?

Dirty Sanchez said...

Damnit, I've been nice to Laser Rocket Boobs all year and she's a Jets fan?

Not that I'm complaining about the boob pic, just sayin'.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Laser Rocket, I don't know what it is. But for some reason I feel the need to drop all of the your team sucks stuff and just hug it out.

Long hugs.

Pillowy soft bosom....

Laser Rocket Arm said...

The Jets are my main team since I grew up in New Jersey, but I've followed the Steelers since I was a kid. Besides, we all hate the Patriots. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, right?

And you can give me crap about the Jets all you want, I know they suck. See, all this and boob shots too.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Oh c'mon, you can't have a 2nd team especially when one of your teams is the STEELERS!

The Steelers are all-consuming and should be enough to keep any fan busy!

However, any subsequent boob shots are more than welcome on Mondesi's House.

Laser Rocket Arm said...

Well, every time I post you'll get a boob shot, so keep that in mind. ;)

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Obviously this loss shut Mondesi up at least because he hasn't been around in a few days.

It's 10 am, and I don't want to be productive! Where are you Raul?!