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--Clearly the most popular link submission yesterday: the "Halftime Horror Show" by the always-classy Jets fans.

The actual New York Times caption:

"Several hundred men, three-deep in some areas, throw bottles and spit over the railings when women didn't oblige with their vulgar requests."

--A Pokey Reese bobblehead and a young blond star in Bill Peduto's new ad campaign, focused on improving the method the city uses to decide which streets are repaired.

--Don't look now, but the Duquense Dukes are 4-0. Last night's victim, Oakland University and 24-year coach Greg Kampe, had this to say: "That's the best team to play in this building in 10 years except for Michigan State's Final Four team [in 1998]".

And now, you can follow the Dukes with what is billed as the first-ever Duquesne Dukes Basketball Blog. Welcome Dukes Court to the blogosphere!

--Here's another new blog for yinz to visit: Pittsburgh After Work Bar & Restaurant Reviews.

--Any of you catch the Steelers performing "Are You Ready For Some Football" on the Hank Williams Jr. Tribute?

--Best of luck to my friend Dave Dameshek, formerly of 93.7 FM, who landed the afternoon drive-time job on ESPN Radio 710 in Los Angeles.

--The state Supreme Court ruled on the Joe Paterno salary disclosure debate, and the decision is in: JoePa's salary must be made public.

--From the Headline Says It All Department: Average PSU Team Has Another Average Season.

--Always a bad idea when the sideline reporter jumps onto a couch atop a cluster of drunken college hooligans. Yes, he fell on his head.

--I thought Snoop was a Steeler fan? Then why was he sporting a Cowboys jersey on ESPN Sunday morning?

--The Rundown says Office pools suck. (Notice their photo below is named "loser.jpg")

--Give me powerthirst or go to hell!

--At the :43 second mark in this video Matt Stover is already doing his post game interview celebrating the ravens win when Derek Anderson informs him that they are going into OT.

--From the new book Gretzky to Lemieux about the '87 Canada Cup:

(Page 136) - "Well, maybe he (Gretzky) wasn't in the best shape on this night (Game 2 of the finals). Midway through the first overtime, there's a stretch when Gretzky is noticeably absent. The problem, as the Great One would later relate, is he'd worked himself to the point of exhaustion, lost control of his bodily functions, and wet himself while he was sitting on the bench."


D. C. said...

As a Steeler fan, am I allowed to like Derek Anderson? Coming over to break up an the middle of Stover talking about how big of a win that tell him we're going to overtime. That is awesome! Wasn't Anderson cut by the offensive genius Billick?

The Duke from Dukes Court said...
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The Duke from Dukes Court said...

I wish I would have seen that live.

Anonymous said...

Great post about Penn State Mondesi. A similar article ran last week in the Post-Gazette.

As a Pitt fan, here's my list of excuses for our poor showing:

1. Wanny
2. Paul Rhodes
3. Matt Cavanaugh

Let this begin the loooooooooong list of senseless excuses explaining why Penn State is unable to compete in an average Big Ten Conference.

While I'm reading the excuses, I'll be watching some Indiana-Northwestern women's volleyball on the Big Ten Network....can't wait!