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--Congratulations to Keith D. of Cincinnati, winner of the Dump Truck T-Shirt courtesy of Get Fresh Designs. New contest coming soon!
--If there's ever been an uncool picture taken of Mike Tomlin, I haven't seen it.

--You can feel the love between Tony Dungy and Bill Belichick in this picture. Haven't we seen this same pose between Belichick and every other coach in the NFL by now?
--This just in: the Browns signed Ricardo Coakley. And just when they were moving in the right direction...
--Bengals fans are not too happy with Marvin Lewis these days. Also, as our reader points out, note that the Bengals only had the ball 6 times on Sunday.
--Vegas checks in on the odds of an NFL team going 16-0.
--What side do you take on the Michael Wilbon "Take a Shot at Brady" opinion?
--Rest in peace, Robert Goulet. Here's a video tribute to his great ESPN commercials from the 1990s.
--A prep football team put up 72 points in the first quarter last week. I didn't know Bill Belichick coached high school football! Nah, that couldn't be Belichick. The final was only 83-0, which meant that the dogs were called off.
--All-American Boy Lance Armstrong lives up to his clean-cut making out with 21-year-old Ashley Olsen all night.
--Jay-Z's new protege is a rapper named Pittsburgh Slim. And for those of you interested, here's Pittsburgh Slim's Myspace page. 412!

--Here's Curt Schilling's list of 13 teams he will play for. It's all the usual suspects...Pirates, Royals, Devil Rays....
--Professional slob Don Vito collapses after being found guilty of sexual assault on a child.
--Doubt About It goes scarlet and gray as a result of a lost bet on the Nittany Lions.
--Jon Kitna's halloween attire has him in some hot water.

--Looks like the beginning of the end for Dog the Bounty Hunter.
--Here's a pretty funny Ray Lewis video that Steeler fans should enjoy

The 10 Most Controversial Don West Comments, A Definitive List (You know, the GEM MINT 10 home shopping guy)


Jules said...

If you do something as stupid as go through a drive-thru nekkind, you better be prepared for people to make fun of you....even if it's not the Christian thing to do Kitna!

Love the Lewis video..."I didn't see nuthin'" Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

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AJ said...

Raul - the first thing that I thought of when I heard that Ricardo Colclough got cut was that the douchebag at the fast food place who doesn't wash his hands will now have to get a new jersey.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I find it absolutely shocking that a man who looks as distinguished as Dog the Bounty Hunter is actually a raving racist! I never woulda guessed that....

And by the way, that Pittsburgh Slim guy... I dunno... there's something about him that's very different from most other rappers. Can't quite put my finger on it.....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the old Robert Goulet ESPN pieces.

In addition to being hilarious and entertaining, they harken back to a time when ESPN didn't suck.