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A Perfect Fit: The X Meets the XPlosion

One, two, three sad basketball players

Guess what time of year it is, folks? That's right, CBA Basketball season! And somehow, some way, the Pittsburgh XPlosion have managed to hang around for another campaign. When you're building on a 10-38 season in '06-07, you basically have nowhere to go but up.

This season, the XPlosion are opting to look like a Pitt alumni squad, as their recent acquisitions of Carl Krauser (he of the famous Bronx "X" celebration), Antonio Graves, and John Degroat would illustrate. All they need is Ben Howland and they might make the Sweet 16. This pro-Pitt philosophy goes counter to the "build around Kevin Pittsnogle" plan that sorta blew up around March of last season.

A CBA interview, clearly the worst assignment of the great Dan Potash's career

The good news is that the dance team is also back for another year. Requirements for dancers include a $30 tryout fee, a two-piece outfit consisting of a midriff top and briefs or hot shorts, and ability to sell one sponsorship package. Seriously.

Sadly, I see no mention of the Hooters Rooters fan bus this season. At least four players are beside themselves.

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Sean said...

I understand having Carl Krauser and Antonio Graves on the team, but why John Degroat? What did he show at Pitt to prove that he could play "professional" basketball? Is this a situation where Krauser and Graves said that we're not going to play without Degroat?

Chris said...

What's a CBA?

Adam said...

I'd make a joke about Pitt's players only being good enough to play in the CBA, but I;m betting Geary Claxton will be joining them next year, so, no comment.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Good idea Adam. You should make the whole "no comment" strategy an everyday part of your arsenal, especially since a couple more idiots are getting charged from your football team.

Anonymous said...

Who goes to these games?

Bic said...

Anywhere between 50 and 350 of Pittsburgh's finest people.

And me.

But seriously, the types of crowds they get are a mixture of ballers, mountaineers, and assorted local white trash.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I know the best way to get people to go to these games.

Cheap beer. Oldest trick in the book. But have $1 draft nights at the concession stands and they'll at least get a couple thousand at the game.

But I'm sure this whole "load the team with hometown guys" strategy is foolproof.

Does Pittsnoggle still play for them?

Dirty Sanchez said...

I bet Dan Potash went home and kicked his dog clear across the living room after that day at the office.

I've been to the Hooters at Station Square a few times, and I can state with utter certainty that those girls don't work there. The two in the middle are DEFINITELY ringers!