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--Flyers 3, Penguins 1. So much for going 8-0 against the Fs two years in a row. Glad to see R.J. Umberger brought his fists with him in his homecoming game.
--The Mondesi-managed Pirates upended Baba Booey's Mets in The Sporting News 1986: Take Two opener in front of 19,830 at Three Rivers Stadium. That's right, we won a game starting Jim Winn against Dr. K.
--Bart Scott has some harsh words for Hines Ward. Ever seen a team talk so much trash before, during, and after they get worked up and down the field for 60 minutes?
--Who wants to work stats for the Buccos next year?
--From the Link Everyone Will Click Category: "2 Fired After Nude Photo Causes Controversy".
--On the eve of his return from a suspension, Chris "Do You Know Who I Am" Henry allegedly starts some trouble.
--Harsh words for an unpopular ESPN football analyst who happens to be the NFL's All-Time Leading Rusher.
--Let's compare the always-pleasant Charlie Weis with other college coaches after 34 games.
--These Don Shula quotes are really stirring the pot, no?
--The reader who sent this in called it "A rival for Penn State Adam". I would have to agree.
--With all the Dog Bounty Hunter talk, here's a classic clip of Cartman as Dog.
--Is Eric Lindros worthy of the Hall of Fame? What, the Hall of Fame of Head Injuries?
--Great! Now you can get a virus on your cell phone!
--It's Jenkem, the hot "new drug" with an active ingriedient list that includes urine and fecal matter.
--Here's the obligatory link to the 8-limbed kid in India, also known as the spawn of Dr. Octopus.

--Nick Hogan is under arrest for the evening that made his car look like some type of Transformer.



HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Nick Hogan is an idiot and his attorney is a scumbag. Hopefully they thrown the book at him, and it hits hims square in the forehead.

Cotter said...

Who do you think is more permanently concussed - Eric Lindros or Trent Green?

Matthew said...

baba booey pulled gooden way too early! he should be fired! and i love that sammy khalifa scored the winning run, his 87 topps card was sweeeet.