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--Here's part two of the "Seahawk Fan Visits Pittsburgh" cliffhanger from last week. Did he live?
--Did Tony Kornheiser use the phrase "Gunslinger" 637 times last night to describe Brett Favre? No, I think it was closer to 737 times.
--Looks like Joe Torre is on his way to L.A., killing our dreams of him managing the Buccos.
--New blog time! It's called Pierogis N'at and it's written by a guy named Big Snack. Sounds delicious.
--More evidence for the mounting case against Emmitt Smith's broadcasting career.
--PFT says that the Kraft family may be uncomfortable with the weekly blowouts. Probably not as uncomfortable as the team getting blown out, though.
--Britney Spears gave Tony Romo a lap dance?
--Will A-Rod go into the HOF with a blank hat?
--Popjocks gives a full recap of everything that was news in the NHL last week.
--The Wannstache believes that Pitt football is slowly turning the corner.
--Whenever Maddox speaks, you must listen.


Dirty Sanchez said...

I hope Romo took a shower after Britney gave him a lap dance. As in dousing himself with bleach shower.

I like Maddox.

AJ said...

The Maddox thing is hysterical and I couldn't agree more about those pregnant shirts.

Jules said...

I also enjoyed Jaws using the word "laser" with a super fun voice during the broadcast last night.

Disappointed in Vince Vaughn's appearance. I was hoping he would be the next comedian banned from MNF.

Jules said...

Also, I know most of you probably don't live in the south so you may be a bit removed from the SEC college football scene. So what I am hoping for is some objective opinions on the excessive celebration of Georgia after their first score and the ensuing apology from Richt after admitting it was planned...let me know your thoughts. Thanks all!

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

The excessive celebration... well let me say this. I've heard from people that condone the Pats running up the score every week (which shockingly, to me at least, a lot of people seem to be doing), but thought that this was a disgusting display of poor sportsmanship!! It didn't bug me too much though.

And please, HIRE DON MATTINGLY TO MANAGE THE BUCCOS!!! I just want them to do it to hear what my Yankee fan friends would say about their beloved "Donny Baseball" (a blatant ripoff on Ted Williams monicker "Teddy Ballgame" if there ever was one!) were to manage the lowly Bucs!

I'll take Big Ben's drunken college skanks from that picture a few years back over Britney at this point. Hell, at this point I might even take GwenJen over Britney (and Ben probably already has! haha).

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

And that Seattle guy's story is making me hate Seahawk fans!

No, not because of the XL whining.

Because, if they're all like him, they get me all excited about a story, write a good 3 minutes worth of reading, then stop!!

Yokara said...

T-shirt collections are nice, can i get one?

Jules said...

Sorry Louis...I'd bet Torre is going to take Mattingly out west with him. Also, sorry to submit the Seahawks blog. I just find Seahawk fans an interesting bunch. I guess since I was dating a Seahwaks fan until Super Bowl XL!

Thanks for your thoughts on celebration. I was about to blow a gasket listening to Herbstreit say what a great motivational tactic it was. Yeah, okay, good thing they weren't playing Miami.

okel dokel said...

The celebration was classless and I was even more appalled that Mark Richt planned it. I am sure Florida will pay them back in kind next year.

Louis, I hate to disagree with you on the Pats, but as Mike Tomlin said it is the other team's job to stop them. Even Emperor Chaz said he never saw a team waving a surrender flag. (Hat tip to Ed Bouchette). That said I loathe the Patriots and Belichick. What goes around comes around and teams will take great pleasure in mauling them in the not too distant future. Or someone will take the bounty from KSK and take out Brady's knees.