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--Congratulations to Jerry E. of Pittsburgh, winner of this week's contest, a Rings N'at T-shirt courtesy of New contest starts tomorrow!
--Quite the performance by Marc-Andre Fleury last night as the Pens shut out the JaromiRangers, 1-0.

--Mike Tomlin defends Sunday night's game plan. Who are we to question it?
--Mel Stottlemyre is hired as the new Mariners pitching coach, killing my dream of watching Jim Colborn get the job and subsequently "Zach Duke" Felix Hernandez. That's right, I just used Zach Duke as a verb.
--A Michael Vick Halloween display is causing quite a stir in Tennessee.

-- An enormous Jason Taylor, the biggest animated human figure ever built at 26ft, is unleashed on London. And now there's video.

--Future Pirates, Cubs, and Penguins owner Mark Cuban is eliminated from Dancing with the Stars.
--If you think the Rockies can continue their historic run, you could make some serious cash over the next couple weeks.
--Stats, Analysis, and Fun Facts from the Steelers-Broncos, courtesy of Post Game Heroes.
--Sons of Sam Malone takes Me-Shawn Johnson to task for his interview with Ocho.
--Hey, Anna Kournikova's eating again!

--NBC's Notre Dame ratings are at an all-time low. I think now is a good time to extend Charlie Weis another 10 years. You know, when the value is low.

--A Wisconsin man found a 3.92 carat diamond at an Arkansas diamond park that's open to the public.
--A painting found in the trash could fetch up to $1 million. Is it me, or a lot of people finding valuables today?


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I think it's funny how two weeks ago we shut down Seattle's passing offense (and pretty much everyone else's, but Seattle's was probably the best we've played), and we're a great defense.

We have a bad game, and now our passing offense sucks.

Look, Seattle threw short passes at us just like Denver did. Wanna know the difference between the two games? Tackling! We missed tackles against Denver left and right. I gotta think that this ONE game was an aberration given what we did the first 5 games of the season. We just didn't tackle well.

And maybe a jump to the Big East isn't looking so bad for Notre Dame these days eh?

Or maybe to the Big 10 (eleven... whatever)?

But could a team be in one conference for hoops and another for football?

Anonymous said...

"Who are we to question it?"

Because the masses are right on this one!

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

The fine folks at "Post-Game Heroes" do not agree with you matt.

That's a pretty good site those guys have there. Not sure I completely agree with them, but it's still a good site.