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--Momentum is building for the Penguins, who spent yesterday shopping with kids on behalf of Project Bundle-Up.

--PA lawmakers want all teams to retire Roberto Clemente's No. 21. That's your tax dollars at work, Pennsylvanians.

--Ron Cook researches Zombie Nation and tells us why the Nittany Lions could upset Ohio State this weekend.

--The Colts beat the Jaguars last night. That's funny, by listening to who the announcers were talking about, I thought I was watching a Patriots game. Apparently, Pro Football Talk thought the same (scroll down their page a bit for the story).

--Yeah, that was a pretty awkward interview with Russell Crowe in the booth last night.

--The officiating in Super Bowl XL creeps into an NBA Preview (item #7). You know, the game the Seahawks lost when the refs let Willie Parker loose for a 75-yard touchdown run.

--Wait, 2004 didn't happen?

--The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes argues that incentive-based contracts are here to stay.

--Sources are saying that Kobe Bryant could be traded this week. Any chance of the Miami Heat reuniting him with Shaq?

--Speaking of trades, Chad Johnson could be on his way out of Cincinnati. As emailer Keith (a Steeler fan in Cincy--poor guy) points out:

Here's my favorite part, the second to last paragraph after Johnson acknowledged there's some truth to the trade story:

“Everything I’ve done has always been positive, it’s always been fun. It’s never been a me, me, me thing. It’s how Chad plays the game. … I’ve been playing it the same way the past four years. I celebrate. I have fun with it. It is a dirty business. And to get the business side of it off my mind, I go out and have fun with it like I’m a little kid.”

So it's never been about him in one sentence, followed by a 3rd person reference to himself in the next sentence. And if a little kid broke out a future Hall of Fame jacket after making a play, I think his Pop Warner coach would show him the bench.

--WPIAL football fans can vote on the top seeds at Rizzo Sports.

--Check out this vintage, cringe-worthy pic of Antwaan Randle-El against the Brownies.

--Anyone want to buy the old Ookie Vick place?

--This probably took some coordinating.

--Philadelphia has the least attractive people in the United States, according to a new survey. Of course, they're not talking about Flyer fans. They're exquisite.

--It's the oldest living Nittany Lions mascot! Ironically, he's 30 years younger than Joe Paterno.

--Here's everything you need to know about the NHL last week in one neat, tidy post.

--WWTDD tries to clear up any doubt about Jake Gyllenhaal.

--From the "Great Headlines" Department: Officer Swerves To Miss Cats, Hits Building

--Ellen Degeneres seems really sad about this dog situation. Too bad she's done it nine times.



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