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My time is limited at the moment, so I'm mixing in a few links and a few mailbag items for your reading and time-killing pleasure on Thursday...
--A Buffalo Bills message board thread entitled "Official Steelers Lookalike Thread". Mildly amusing. Hey, they've had a tough couple of days. They deserve a laugh.
--Chukky "Chukwun" Okobi, the world's first "raplete", has a Myspace page, which I've mentioned on here once or twice in the past. After news broke that Okobi would become an Arizona Cardinal (I know, I'm shocked too), the messages on the page have become a memorial to Okobi's Steeler days.
From Mike T.:

Maybe I'm overreacting, but I think the Patriots' cheating is a lot worse then people think. I mean, isn't it a little weird that he had so many banged-up teams and still won the division and/or Super Bowl in those years? The players were sure as hell not better, and its even been said by other players, "It's like they knew what we were doing". I've been looking on the internet at game pictures when the Steelers played them in 04 and 05. My guess is that he filmed in the regular season and game planned for later in the season/post season. That explains why he would film the Jets (met 3 times last year) and other playoff contenders and division foes. Keep an eye out for pictures of the 2005 game in late September. We weren't supposed to be a huge threat in 2004, but I guarantee he was gearing up for an AFC playoff rematch in 2005, hence filmed the Steelers coaching staff..

No wonder why Manning or the Steelers could never beat them in the playoffs... they played in the regular season that year...2003, at Indy, 2004 Colts and the Steelers...
Just figured I'd share an email with you that I sent to Billy Simmons:

RE: Cheatin' Chowda Heads

C'mon Bill -

Don't go soft on your team. Not now. You've come down hard on cheaters, so don't give your team any slack here. I have two friends from Acton and I can't wait to hear their excuse for this one. This is just like gettin' caught cheatin' on your girl for the first time: it might be the first time you've been caught but it certainly isn't the first time you've cheated. Especially when you're as savvy and intelligent as Belichick is supposed to be. I know it's too soon, but I like the name New England Pasterisks. There's even an asterisk in the logo! Of course I'm jumpin' the gun but man, it makes for good banter. Cue up Patsy Cline's "Your Cheatin' Heart" for the Pats. Interested in your follow-up story.
Congratulations, Bill Belichick (or as he's now being called, Bill Belicheat). You've officially stained your legacy. But let's not act too surprised here. Old Billy Boy isn't exactly the moral compass of the NFL. A brief rundown of the Belichick file:
-He famously had an affair with a married mother of two.
-His son was arrested on drug charges.
-He feuded with Vikings coach Brad Childress over waiver players.
-That whole "pretend like I'm coaching the Jets" fiasco. At what was thought to be his introduction as head coach, he scribbled a resignation note on a sheet of loose leaf paper that read, in its entirety, "I resign as HC of the NYJ."
-His post-game immaturity, as witnessed last year with Eric Mangini and again in the AFC Championship. And when he tried to make an effort to see Mangini after the playoff game, he shoved a camera into a photographer's face.
-Accused of making LB Ted Johnson play when he had a concussion.
-Bringing in two Jets training camp cuts, wide receiver Tim Dwight and defensive end Bobby Hamilton, the Friday before this year's Jets game.
-His general boorishness towards the media and shady reporting of injuries throughout his career.
Belichick has consistently acted like a bully and a jerk during his tenure, and people were just waiting for a reason to pounce on him. Well, live it up, America. It's no shock that his "coaching family tree" has spawned men like Nick Saban and Charlie Weis, who also happen to be gruff control freaks who are disliked by most of the country.
Simmons issued his much-awaited column on Wednesday night, but that can't touch the thoughts of Terrell Davis, who thinks the Patriots should be put on probation and banned from the postseason. What, no loss of scholarships?
Hey Raul,

Just finished reading The Bus' new book. I should have reserved judgment until I read it. TOTAL exaggeration by the media about his negativity and "throwing people under the bus." The people who took the most hits were those with the Rams organization, including Rich Brooks and the owners but even that wasn't that bad. Regarding Tomczak, he simply said that he was great at managing a game but was not a game changing QB or one that other teams would have to be concerned about making the big plays. Definitely calls out Cowher for a few decisions he made but there is no doubt they have a good relationship. The Bus definitely likes to toot his own horn but all in all not a bad book and a quick read.
Are you accusing the media of exaggerating? I'm sorry, I just don't believe that's possible.
And by "throwing people under the bus", do you mean literally under a bus, figuratively under a bus, or literally under Jerome Bettis?
But seriously, how many former running backs who just wrote a "controversial" book can NBC have on the payroll? First Bettis, then Tiki...can they steal away Terrell Davis?
David M.:
As the Pirates put the finishing touches on their 15th straight losing season, is it time that Pirates fans create ground rules and guidelines for selecting a post-season team to root for throughout the playoffs? It's something we're forced to do every season, and some years it's easier than others. For example, last October it wasn't difficult to jump all over the Tigers considering Leyland and his former Pirate staff, the addition of fan favorite Sean Casey, and the story of going from an 100 loss team to the World Series that all of us Pirates fans can only dream of. But that won't happen every year and, let's face it, playoff baseball is a lot more fun when you have someone to follow throughout the process. Some fans might be sitting there saying that would make us bandwagon fans. I disagree, it doesn't make us cheap fans at all if we start showing signs of frustration with the front office and ownership. If they don't get the message that a playoff baseball team will be more profitable to them than bobblehead nights and adjustable hat giveaways, nothing will ever change. So can we set some rules as to how to pick a likable team to back in October? Here are my suggestions:

1. It can't be the Yankees or Red Sox
2. Small market teams get preference, particularly ones that manage to be competitive every season despite low payrolls
3. No pitcher who was in the Pirates rotation in 2000 or later can be on the team you pick (Goodbye Mets)

What else can we add?
Wait, is baseball still going on? Actually, I was just looking at the "best record in MLB" standings the other day, and I noticed the top five records belonged to Boston, Anaheim, Cleveland, the Yankees, and the Mets. With the exception of the Indians (23rd), that's payrolls #1, 2, 3, and 5 (here's the entire 2007 MLB payroll chart). Only the White Sox (#4) crapped the bed. So until that problem gets fixed, it's going to be hard for me to root for any team. But if anyone else has a suggestion for David, feel free to add your two cents. When I watch Yankees-Red Sox, I'm reminded of the great slogan from Brewster's Millions: "None of the above".
Any thoughts on the Charlie Frye trade? At least the Steelers didn't trade Jim Miller after they benched him!
After watching the game on Sunday, I didn't think Cleveland could embarrass themselves any worse. And then they go out and trade their starting quarterback from week one. If that's not a clear indicator that this team has no direction, I don't know what is. Now you have the triumvirate of Derek Anderson, Bret Michaels SuperFan, and Ken Dorsey at the helm of the most important position on the team. The Browns highlight video from 2008 will undoubtedly open with "...and with the first selection in the 2008 NFL draft, the Cleveland Browns select Darren McFadden, running back, from the University of Arkansas..."
Romeo Crennel is clearly on his last legs. I'm suggesting that he call up his old buddy in New England and learn the ropes of this videotaping signals thing. At this point, he's got nothing to lose. He already proved that when he signed a former inmate as his starting tailback. email from Luke points out my error AND makes the Browns look even worse at the same time:
You said in today's mailbag that the Browns first round pick next year will be Darren McFadden, but you forgot that the Browns traded their #1 pick in the 2008 draft to the Cowboys in getting Brady Quinn. Basically, Dallas is looking a lock for a top 5 pick, with the possibility of getting the #1 pick overall. Pretty much the Browns are completely terrible.

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Unknown said...

You know, as a Browns fan, maybe NOT having a first round pick is a good thing - it's not like we've exactly hit home runs with our picks. Hell, I'd be ecstatic with a bloop single at this point. Plus, we'd save some cash for the salary cap; again, it's not like we're headed to the playoffs this decade.

With the exception of Kamerion Wimbley and possibly Winslow (jury still out), this team's first round history is Pirate-esque. Don't think I'd end this Cleveland rant without a low-blow to Pittsburgh!