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Your Daily Dose of Videogate

First, some fantastic photoshops sent in from a loyal reader (click for larger view)

And for those who enjoy written shots at the Patriots, as opposed to visual:
--Profootballtalk wonders if this tarnishes the legacy of Tom Brady:
Do the revelations of stolen defensive signals diminish the reputation and perceived abilities of quarterback Tom Brady?

If the goal of the brazenly overt operations was to help the team know the tactics that an opposing defense would employ on a given play (either on game day or the next time the two teams met), the player squarely in the eye of the storm of information was Brady. And, surely, he knew (or at least suspected) that the intelligence that the offensive coaches had about what a given defense might be doing didn't come from legitimate methods.
--Also from PFT:
Rich Cimini of the New York Daily News reports that the Patriots' efforts to videotape defensive signals was brought to light by former New England defensive coordinator Eric Mangini, who shared the information in 2006 with members of the Jets' organization.
--The Steelers weigh in:
--Ed Bouchette asks why he should vote Double B for the Hall of Fame. And I'm not talking about Barry Bonds.

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