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--A-Rod's wife wears a "F*** You" shirt to Yankee Stadium yesterday. Not surprisingly, the New York media noticed.

--Just into the tipline...D&T Tees in Washington, PA (also known as Steeler, PA) is selling "We Won't" T-Shirts. Haven't personally seen them, but kudos for their entrepreneurial spirit.
--Sports Illustrated gives us another list to get our panties in a bunch: their rankings of NFL owners. Dan Rooney comes in at...9th?
--Think the Pirates are bad now? Well, they are. But this vintage '00 Ron Cook column tells us all we need to know about the mess that was the 1980s Buccos.
--Drinks are on Ryan Whitney tonight. He can afford it with his cool new $24 million contract.
--Whitney will have a few new teammates next year: Darryl Sydor and Petr Sykora. And Rob Scuderi will also be back. Surprisingly, the Rangers didn't offer him $52 million to sign.
--We don't have Michel Oullet to kick around any more, as the Lightning scooped him up in free agency.
--Angry Pirates Fans + Dejan Kovacevic = good reading.
--Freddy Sanchez is an All-Star, beating out Tom Gorzelanny and Sauerkraut Saul as the Pirates' rep.
--I pray that this rumor of the Mets' interest in Ronny Paulino is not an April Fool's joke in July.
--Dan Patrick as the new host of Price is Right? Bob Barker is rolling over in his grave.
--Where are they now: The Hanson Brothers.
--A dozen 7-11 stores complete their metamorphosis into Kwik-E-Marts to promote the upcoming Simpsons movie. The best part? You can even buy Buzz Cola and Squishees. This just in: a photo gallery from the Burbank 7-11/Kwik E Mart

--You just dropped $600 on an iPhone, what are you going to do next? Smash it!
--Brett Ratner is entrusted with bringing Hugh Hefner's life to the big screen.
--Doubt About It gives us a few alternatives to a Pirate walkout.
--Pittsburgh continues to rank among the leaders in loss of population in the US.
--Welcome a new Pittsburgh blog, Pittsburgh Fan For Better Or For Worse.


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Old rust belt cities like Pittsburgh and Detroit, will continue to lose population until they can bring in more jobs to replace the industrial jobs they lost 25 years ago.

Until then, I guess everyone should start looking at property in the desert, because apparently that's where we're all supposed to wind up living!!

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Also (sorry I did a paper on this once) population density should be taken into consideration.

Sunbelt towns are VERY spread out, hence more room for people to live.

Pittsburgh and other rust belt towns, despite declining populations, are still very densely populated.

In other words, in Pittsburgh you've got about 320,000 people packed into a small area. Here in Tampa, you've got the same amount of people, but the acreage of the city is more than double that of Pittsburgh.

Plus, a lot of times these population of city things don't take into account how many people have simply left the city for a surrounding suburb, as opposed to bolting for Las Vegas.

Briwatt said...

As for Dan Rooney being rated # 9...being rated BELOW Dan Snyder, Jerry Jones, and Jeff Lurie is not even insane, its actually criminal. I'm going to wager that the Steelers have paid at least 50 million less dollars than the Skins and Boys over the last 5 years and produced about double the victories. (oh, and a Lombardi Trophy for good measure) As for Lurie, any Philadelphian will tell you that the Eagles have been nothing less than a circus over the last couple of seasons.

Cult TV Shows Missed:

Arrested Development, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and of course, Sanford and Son, the greatest ball busting that 30 minutes of network TV can provide.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

everyone should read that Ron Cook article about the Bucs. good stuff.


Kudos to Ray Shero for his FA signings. Sydor and Sykora fill needs without hurting our chances of keeping our core of young players for the long haul. I'd rather have Crosy and Malkin than an aging Paul Kariya

Justin said...

More Kwik-E-Mart pictures from around the nation:

Nowhere near as cool as the unofficial Kwik-E-Mart in downtown Pittsburgh on Stanwix Street... we've had that bad boy for years!