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The News: 4th of July Edition

Happy 4th of July to all of you. It's time to sit back, watch Joey Chestnut finally take down Kobayashi in the Hot Dog Eating Competition, and blow something up afterwards.
--I would've posted today's links sooner, but I was up all night filling out my ESPN "Who's Now" bracket. DWade was on the cover of NBA 2006....but then again, Shaun White had a picture taken once with Lindsay Lohan. I can't make up my mind. Help me, Stuart Scott!
--Speaking of ESPN, here's an interesting read: all the things, in no particular order, that ESPN has done lately that make it clear sports journalism is about the last thing they do.
--In what was clearly the most popular submission of the day, a Pittsburgh peregrine falcon named Erie killed a Cleveland peregrine falcon named Pulse.
--Bugs and Cranks has a video recap of the Pirate Walkout festivities. Great stuff!
--In light of all the negative publicity it's received recently, JoeSportsFan defends pro wrestling

--Part of the ESPN/V Foundation Auction is a "Pirates Behind the Scenes Experience". What is a "Pirates Behind the Scenes Experience", you ask?
This is an exclusive auction for the opportunity for one (1) person to experience a "behind the scenes" look at what takes place in the PR/Media world before, during and after a home game at PNC Park. A Pittsburgh Pirates PR representative will meet the person at 2:30PM on the day of the agreed upon game. The winner would be able to sit-in on the daily pre-game press conference with manager Jim Tracy in the manager's office, observe the happenings in the Pirates clubhouse (winner can see what goes on behind the scenes and witness what the media does on a daily basis).

Winner will also be able to watch batting practice from the field, enjoy a pre game meal in the Press dining room, watch the game from the press box, watch an inning or two from our private TV broadcast booth, and sit-in on the post game press conference with Jim Tracy in the Press Conference Room. The winner would also receive up to three (3) complimentary tickets to the game, in case there are others in the traveling party.
Not only will someone pay for that, but click here to see what the bid is up to. Oh well, at least it's for charity.
--Former Pitt Panther Torrie Cox is going to sit four games for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy.
--Here's John Clayton's five difference-making players for this year's upcoming NFL season.
--Nice job by Fergie, who scored $4 million by agreeing to promote Candies shoes in tracks on her second solo album.


Matt said...

The hot dog eating contest is the most exciting 12 minutes in sports. Well, it's in the top 100 at least.

Wait 'Til Next Year

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Wait.... Big John Studd is dead?!?!


Anonymous said...

I love the ESPN bashing. I won't comment on the details b/c I don't have 6 hrs to go on an on about how much I have come to despise the self-proclaimed "worldwide leader."

Free Pacman said...

In some ways, ESPN has become the MTV of sports.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Pacman wins the prize for making the most sense!

Anonymous said...


You are right on the money. This feels like the transition that MTV went through in the early 90's. Only it sports, so it means so much more.

I hate Stuart Scott.