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Left Handed Pitcher, Clemson

6'1", 200 LBS

Well, the Pirates didn't let me down today. The pick: Clemson LHP Daniel Moskos. Yes, another pitcher.
Predictably, my inbox was jammed with angry reaction from Bucco fans. Among the more amusing:
AJ from Pittsburgh:
I threw up in my mouth a little when I saw that the Pirates drafted another f@cking pitcher. He may be the next Randy Johnson, but enough already... no mas! Sorry... needed to vent and I knew you'd understand. One thing is for certain, at least we can take pride in knowing that somewhere out there, one Mr. R. Florian probably approves of the pick.
I don't like that we drafted a Clemson pitcher... let's hope he's got bigger cahones and not dragged around by the nose like the last 1st round Tigers pitcher we took...

See also: Benson, Kris
See also: Benson, Anna
Daniel Moskos? Haven't they learned their lesson by now? What's the over/under on how long it takes him to blow out his arm?
The blog reaction has been more of the same:
Daniel Moskos is your 2007 first round selection for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Yes, a college pitcher. Get your needles ready, folks. Yet another low-upside, low-"risk" pick by the Pirates. If you're all watching a home, I'm sure you were thrilled when Gammons said, "This guy hasn't even started that much at Clemson. He's been used mostly as a reliever."
Can you feel the excitement?
The Pirates have chosen Daniel Moskos, a lefty from Clemson. Great. Fiftieth verse, same as the first. Except not quite: he was a reliever in college until this season, which probably means he wasn't abused like a lot of college starters are. Unfortunately, many analysts think he'll be a reliever in the majors, and he has a high-effort delivery. Neither of those those sound good.
It's also worth mentioning that the Pirates passed over Georgia Tech catcher and Scott Boras client Matt Wieters, who was glowingly described by's John Sickels:
Wieters was expected to be the top college position player in the draft this year, and I think he's lived up to that. He was pitched around a bit for Georgia Tech, and seemed to be pressing early in the year, getting off to a somewhat slow start. But he heated up as the season progressed, and his numbers still came out strong: .358/.480/.592, with 10 homers and 51 walks. He has switch-hitting pop and excellent strike zone judgment; I don't have doubts about his bat.
Yes, the Pirates passed on the best college position player in the draft for another pitcher. I mean, what would we do with a switch-hitting catcher who batted .358 with pop? We've got Ronny Paulino. We're set for the next decade.
And why did they pass, you ask? Why do you think? Money, of course. There's three things you can count on in life: death, taxes, and the Pirates taking a signable pitcher in the first round.
Daniel Moskos [Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke?]
Matt Wieters []
Feel free to vent your frustrations in the comment section. No sense holding it in. It's better to vent.


Dirty Sanchez said...

Do you draft a reliever with the 4th overall pick? I mean, if you're not the Pirates that is.

gatorB8 said...

I can't believe ESPN is showed the MLB draft on television. Its like a dorkier version of the NFL draft without all of the entertainment. That's saying something, as the NFL draft is the most boring event ever.

There's no use getting upset about the Pirates draft choice. It's a classic current ownership move. Stop watching, stop caring, and when they stop making money, maybe they will go away.

Dirty Sanchez said...

Good news - with their 2nd round pick, the Pirates took a pitcher whose scouting summary says that "If he can improve his curve or develop a changeup, he could be a No. 4 or 5 starter in the future".

So if all breaks right, they could have another Zach Duke or Josh Fogg in 5 years.

We will!

Unknown said...

So when is Moskos scheduled for Tommy John? I say by the end of next year but call me an optimist.

Unknown said...

Send a kindergarden class to do the talent evaluation next year, we need a Fire Millen type campaign directed at Littlefield and the McNutting group.

tecmo said...

4th overall pick.

moskos was scouted as the 5th best pitcher in the draft.

idk if its my math or the buccos' math that sucks

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Oh Jesus!!!

They're not even trying anymore for Christ sake!!

Dirty Sanchez said...

I wonder if Littlebrain watched Paulino half-ass jog around the bases on Wilson's double before making his selection?

It has been reported that the Pirates management went to the Nuttings and asked if they could sign Wieters (knowing it would take a $10 million committment) and they were turned down. Maybe this isn't the case, maybe it is and DL is being the good soldier by talking up Moskos, but either way it reflects poorly on the organization.

Don't despair Pirate fans, we'll have the 4th pick or better next year too (and the next 10 after that).

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

That Moskos guy we drafted is pitching for Clemson in a game on ESPN right now.

He's not doing too bad. Got out of a bases-loaded, nobody out jam a couple innings ago.

They asked him how he felt to go 4th in the draft, and he said he was "shocked".

... yeah so were we!

tecmo said...

i think he meant "shocked" as in being drafted by the Pirates was like getting two in the pink and one in the stink

Coach Fred said...

Let's hope for the best. Who knows? Maybe this is the best decision the Pirates has ever done.