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Ronnie Florian is Real...Again

Earlier in the week, I wrote about everyone's favorite Pirate fan, Ronnie Florian, being spotted by some friends of mine at last Friday's Bucco game. I thought this would verify their existence to the doubters out there that thought they were an incredible creation of the Pirates' PR department. But readers "Hicks and Zema" did my friends one better: not only did they converse with Mr. Florian at the same game, but they got their picture taken with him as well. In their words...


Just thought you’d like some information on Ronnie Florian. We were at the Bucco game on Friday night June 1. We were sitting in the left field bleachers with a bunch of people from Slippery Rock, when low and behold sitting in the first row of left field was Ronnie! As he was getting up to go get a brew, we yelled for him and he came up and talked with us.

Ronnie was friendly and down-to-earth–just like he appears in the FSN ads. We got some nice pics with him and we talked about the last 14 futile years of Bucco baseball. He was extremely knowledgeable about the team, and it was easy to see his passion for the team was real. He is as down and out about the Pirate’s lack of success as any true fan. Ronnie came off as a humble, big-hearted guy.

Ronnie Florian is LEGIT!!!

At this point, I'm getting several emails a day about Mr. Florian. To say he's becoming "beloved" in this city is an understatement. At this point, he rivals only the infamous "GwenJen" as the biggest Mondesi's House celebrity of all time.

The pic heard round the world

It's amazing how the internet can drive these things. In fact, ol' GwenJen's page is still driving debate, four months later. In an even bigger sign of the apocalypse, I actually get Google searches for "GwenJen". And then there's recent comments like this, taken from the original GwenJen rebuttal:

Jessica said...
Wow, this is an interesting read for sure. I can SORT OF relate to the thing about being a good looking girl and liking sports and blah blah blah. BUT, and that's a big 'but', if you don't want to be called a puckbunny or have people judge you in the wrong way, you don't take slutty pictures with hockey players, regardless of where they are posted or who had access to them or whatever lame excuse you have to justify your sluttiness. I don't want to sound arrogant, but I think I am definitely better looking than this GwenJen character (actually, probably most girls are), and I have taken pictures with hockey players out at the bars, but I guarantee if I posted them on MySpace no one would give a s*** because I look like I'm dressed normally. You can give all the excuses you want for why you were wearing body paint in a picture with hockey players, but quite frankly, you wouldn't catch me in body paint period. That's just slutty without adding in the factor of the hockey guys. Oh, and by the way, I'm not from Pittsburgh. Live in a whole different city with a whole different hockey team and I've even heard of GwenJen. That's how pathetic it is because she acts like she's upset that people don't like her, but she's the one going around promoting herself and splashing pictures of herself and her friends with bras on at the bar and holding their boobs and so on and so forth. So, hey, what else can I say? I think her original 'interview' is really a load of s***. She's using the goodlooking woman card. Pathetic really.

Why do I spend time talking about things like this? Because the Pirates drafted a relief pitcher in the first round and a guy that projects as a 4th or 5th starter in the second round. And Ronnie Florian and GwenJen are simply much more interesting to talk about. That's why.

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Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Why isn't Florian sporting his Pirates gear?!

BlackAndGold said...

I was thinkin the same thing Louis Lipps!

But how great is this guy. I would definitely like to meet him; I go to a lot of games so if anyone knows where he sits most often, post it up here!

Unknown said...

What was that guys? I couldn't hear you over Mr. Florian's shirt. The man is reaching iconic status very quickly, so calling him Mr. seemed appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Ronie Florian is starting to bear a resemblence to another famous baseball fan named "Ronie":

Anonymous said...
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