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Wednesday Roundup

--The Penguins sign 22-year-old right winger Tim Wallace. And another piece of the Stanley Cup puzzle is in place.

--Looks like highly sought-after recruit Terrelle Pryor of Jeanette blew off Charlie Weis recently. Probably because he doesn't want to catch passes from this character:

--I know you could care less, but quite a developing story in the NBA, as Lebron and Co. evens the series at 2-2 with the Pistons.

--The one and only Myron Cope has a new DVD coming out, which you can buy at a discount here. Double Yoi!

--Sorry, ESPN. Clemens Mania won't be a factor in this weekend's series against the Sawks. It will be Monday...against the Chicago Sawks.

--Lakers owner Jerry Buss is nabbed with a DUI, making him the perfect candidate to someday own the Bengals.

--If Roger Goodell had a MySpace page, this is what it would look like. (It's by JoeSportsFan, so you know it's good)

--If you have a few minutes, read this ESPN story on the Arkansas football team. Affairs, high-profile transfers, e-mail scandals...TV couldn't come up with this kind of drama.

--Greg Oden's first marketing deal? How about a Topps trading card, featuring Oden and...Bill Russell. Why Russell? Because I think Oden's old enough that he played against Russell.

--Remember C.S. Keys, the former weatherman for Channel 11? Looks like he's put together quite the career in San Diego. But he really needs to lose the King Kong Bundy outfit.

--Here's 5 movie quotes that must be stopped, leading off with, "C'mon, Focker!"

--Check out MonsterPig, the 1,051-pound hog caught by an 11-year-old boy.


Wags said...

The only thing funnier than the concept of a CS Keys website, is the half a dozen mis-spellings on the site..including "Pittsburg PA" and "steriod".

Adam said...

Agreed on Jimmy Claussen.

Sept. 8th, Beaver Stadium, gametime 6 P.M.

Claussen destroyed by Dan Conner 6:07 P.M.

I'm sure the players will love cleaning his ass up the next morning.

Anonymous said...

I recognize CS Keys from the "What's Goin' Down?" episode of THAT'S MY MOMMA.