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Sid is Your New Captain

Today will be an important day in hockey history, as Sidney Crosby finally becomes the captain of the Penguins. Sid, who is just 19 years old, will be the youngest captain in NHL history, besting Tampa Bay's Vincent Lecavalier, who was about a month older than Crosby when he earned the "C".
Crosby will be the 12th captain in Penguin history, and the first since Mario Lemieux retired in the 2005-06 season. The official appointment will be made at a Mellon Arena press conference.
The collective response will probably be, "it's about time", but I think the Penguins handled this the right way. He got his feet wet, he found his place in the league, and now he's officially spreading his wings. I realize that it's only one letter being stitched onto a jersey, but in actuality, it's the greatest move that the Penguins have made so far in the offseason.
So congrats to #87. It's another page in the storybook career that will add another chapter next season. And don't forget to mark down June 14, 2007 on your Sid calendars, as well. That's going to be another important chapter in Crosby History...the NHL Awards Ceremony.
PS...I think if you have a rookie card worth $7,000, then you should automatically be your team's captain.

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