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Mondesi's House Apologizes to

Anyone catch this in the Monday mailbag? gives us an update on our favorite goateed talk-show guest, golfer, and part-time signal caller:
Ben is scheduled to participate as a Guest-Instructor at the 2007 Colonial All Pro Football Camp at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. The Camp is June 24th through the 27th (but he is scheduled to play in the Mario Lemieux Celebrity Golf Tournament that starts on the 27th also). More info? On of course!!!

Here's a picture that Erin cannot find from this offseason: Ben lifting weights, running, studying the playbook, and throwing. I kid, I kid. I'm sure Ben will be fine.
Well, I learned a lesson: never challenge to find a picture of Big Ben. Remember, they have surveillance on him 24/7. It's uncanny.
So for those of you who have grown weary of photos of Ben at golf tournaments, corporate events, and ESPN: the Weekend this offseason, here you go...actual evidence that #7 is still a football player., I sincerely apologize. I will never question your ability to find Ben pictures again.

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Unknown said...

Don, you are crazy! that is why I love you - professionally speaking of course!