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Hardy Trades Up For New Bride

Lost in the shuffle of the NFL draft coverage was the news that 84-year-old billionaire Joe Hardy is marrying his third wife in Las Vegas. And why is this signficant? Because his third wife is a 22-year-old spa employee at his Nemacolin Woodlands resort in Farmington, PA. I think that's the biggest age gap I've ever heard in a marriage since the 63 years seperating Anna Nicole Smith and J. Howard Marshall.

Kristin Georgi, AKA the new Mrs. Hardy

Hardy's first and last appearance on Mondesi's House to this point had been the famous birthday party he threw in January to celebrate his 84th birthday. You know, the one with entertainment by Christina Aguilera, Robin Williams, Bette Midler, and the cast of A Chorus Line?

Hardy accumulated his wealth as the founder and CEO of 84 Lumber, located in the town of Eight-Four, PA (about 10 minutes from Mondesi's House's house). He is the complete opposite of the Montgomery Burns, miserly-billionaire stereotype. In fact, he once said in an interview, "You don’t live a successful life unless you die broke".

Since I need to vaguely connect this story to sports, I'll point out the fact that Hardy is a huge golf fan, so much to the point that he created the 84 Lumber Classic golf tournament and signed John Daly to endorse 84 Lumber.

As I pointed out in my last story on Hardy, he would have been a fun owner of one of our Pittsburgh sports teams. If you've ever been to Nemacolin Woodlands, you know that this guy doesn't settle for second best. People in this area always pine for Mark Cuban to buy the Pirates, but give me Joe Hardy any day.


Unknown said...

I can say this about the guy, having been in Morgantown the last 2 years, not far from his Farmington home base: he absolutely gets what he wants, purse-strings be damned. Raul makes a good pt. in that he would have been an ideal team owner in a sport sans salary cap, and even with a cap he may have paid the taxes/fines to make it work.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

He's the best thing to happen to Fayettenam

Steeltown Mike said...

Heh. Not a real Joe Hardy fan here. Here's a story about a lawsuit filed yesterday that has no chance of winning, but I like it in principle...

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

My dad almost took a job working for Hardy at 84 Lumber.

On his first day the guy who did take the job, (NOT my father) arrived at 9am, he was greeted by a message from Hardy asking him why he was so late to work. The next day he arrived at 830am, and received the same message, asking him why he was so late. The next day he arrive before 8am, again, receiving the same message. This went on the entire first week.

Fortunetly my father passed on the position.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Ol' Joe settled for 2nd best with this gal.

Unknown said...

You go Joe! You deserve the worlds best. Thank you for all you did for my husbands company and for all the rewards you gave to us. We experienced things we only dreamed of before. You are a real person with a generous heart. Everyone is just jealous of you. No one deserves a happy life like you. You are golden.WV Customer