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Keyshawn, PacMan, Bear, The Gunner, Britney, Missy, and Billie Jean

Just one more day left in the Andrew McCutchen autographed rookie card contest. Get your submissions in, new contest starts tomorrow!
--Guess what? The Steelers will choose Vanderbilt ILB Jonathan Goff with the 20th pick in the 2008 draft. And the Texans finally make up for passing on Reggie Bush by drafting Darren McFadden #1 overall.
--From the "No Kidding?" Department...Pirate season ticket sales down 20%
--Sidney Crosby should make room at Mario's house for some new hardware
--This is the longest post I've ever read on Tom Gorzelanny. And it's entertaining, too.
--On the subject of long articles, ESPN pens one about Large Benjamin's road back from the accident
--Is this the greatest website ever? Yinzer says...YES! (PS: give it some time to load)
--Here's a great look at the Bengals' cursed draft class of 2005, including David Pollack, Odell Thurman, Chris Henry...yeah, this is pretty dead-on.
--Here's a really interesting site called, stumbled upon by a reader doing research for a college paper on Bob Prince. What he found really interesting was the "Official Pirates Theme Song" from 1990, entitled We Believe In You. Of course, there's audio and the written lyrics to the song. What do you think, isn't it about time for another official Pirate song? Come on, you know that would be a gold mine of comedy.
--LA has the country's most polluted air. America's most livable city (and the home of many of us) checks in at #2.
--Here's 10 videos of Mondesi favorite Bear from Man vs. Wild eating various animals on his show, including ants, zebra, and maggots.
--PacMan Jones already got a letter from the NFL regarding his appeal.
--Here's great video of Keyshawn talking up future teammate Dwayne Jarrett after the Panthers drafted him on Saturday. Little did Key know that the Panthers would cut him loose on Monday.

Missy Peregrym: Heroes actress, Ben Roethlisberger squeeze, Vancouver Canucks fan

--Britney Spears attempts a comeback with a short set at House of Blues last night. It's Toxic.

--This is a must-listen: Chris Cornell covers Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean"

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Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Best part of that thing about hockey fans was the link to Snoop talking to one of the Ducks announcers.

Also, in the comments section of the link about the Bengals 2005 draft, some idiot thinks that the punishment on Chris Henry was too harsh.

Gotta love Bengal fans. They went from not-existing, to existing and being over-zealous in the span of like 2 years.

Joe said...

Sadly, as soon as I read about the pirates theme song, it began playing in my mind, word for word...

"in pittsburgh we believe the pirates will come through"

::sigh:: those were the days