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Monday Wrapup

In the category of "stories that I'll elaborate on further in the Tuesday mailbag, but here's the links to get your wheels turning":

1. Diva/GM/Offensive Guard Alan Faneca skips practice on Saturday.
2. The Pirates score 13 in a win against the Braves on Sunday.
3. Phil Mickelson wins at the TPC on Sunday, while Sean O'Hair lost $747,000 on the 17th hole.
Last-minute thoughts on these topics? Let me hear 'em!

Here's some assorted good stuff that you jammed my inbox with in the last two days. Well done.

The P-G interviews the Louisiana man who paid $550 for Bill Cowher's ice bucket. The scary part is that he had a max bid of $800.
Tony Armas: One foot in the rotation, the other on a banana peel

Catching up with Tommy Urbanski, the Vegas bouncer paralyzed in the PacMan Jones-Make It Rain-All Star Weekend debacle.

Michael Vick, on his bestest behavior...Wait...what's that in your hand, 7?

Keeping with the NFL crime theme, Tank Johnson and his giant "99" medallion got released from jail (video)

Ken Griffey Jr. moves up to 6th all-time on the Non-Junkie Home Run List

My friends at Bugs & Cranks remember "The Cruelest Game". This picture should give you a clue as to which game we're talking about.

True: Brett Favre requested a trade after the draft.
Not true: Favre wanted to be traded to the Yankees.

Last call to try out for the Slippery Rock Sliders today!

Here's a six-minute compilation of Meg Griffin getting owned in various episodes of Family Guy.

Any of yinz aware that Rupert Murdoch has offered $5 billion to buy Dow Jones?

Spiderman nerds unite! Here's a list of his 20 greatest villains. Yes, they could make Spidey movies for years to come.
Greatest 911 call ever? Here's a recap: Cop steals weed when making arrest, cop takes weed home, cop and wife make brownies, cop apparently puts too much weed in brownie mix, cop makes 911 call, hilarity ensues. And yes, there's audio. gives us sincere answers to common spam mail.
Who's up for the new NASCAR comic books?

One of my favorite comics, Patton Oswalt, talks about the record-setting 67-year-old mother and the wonder of KFC Bowls on a recent Conan O'Brien appearance. Good stuff.

On Friday night, Baron Davis posterized AK-47 like few have been posterized before.


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

About the Pirates v. Braves game, if you go to Atlanta, the new Turner Field is right across the street from where the now-demolished Fulton County Stadium was.

I was there during the offseason a few years ago, so while I couldn't go to a game, I still ventured down that way to look at Turner Field. They have a little monument area outside of Turner Field that's open year-round, so we went in there to take some pictures of me attempting to vandalize the 1991 and 92 National League Pennant signs (I'm only half kidding!).

Anyways, across the street where Fulton County Stadium once was is now a giant parking lot. However, the outer-shell of the stadium remains along with the fence and the part of the bullpen that Hank Aaron hit #715 into.

Also, in the parking lot they have a brick pathway that marks off exactly where the basepath at the old stadium was. If it wasn't daylight out OR I had been drunk at the time, I'm pretty sure I would've done something nasty right around where Sid Bream slid into home plate.

On the day I was there, there were like 7 people in the empty parking lot playing with remote control cars. But I always thought that it would make the world's greatest wiffle ball field.

I think that if any of us should ever wind up in Atlanta at the same time, we should go to the site of the old Fulton County Stadium and make things right by re-enacting that fatefull play, except with a better outcome this time!

AJ said...

Sounds like a good idea... I get to be Leyland and pull Drabek to start the 9th. Whoever is playing Bob Walk start warming up... you're going in.

Unknown said...

WHoever plays Bonds needs to weigh 150, 160 max just to accentuate the point. Also, whoever plays Bream should have to use a cane while rounding the bases. I'm all about historical accuracy. Anyone who can cry/wet himself on cue would make a great Belinda. I think Adam would be all over it.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

The Farve thing is funny. If I was Brett Farve I would have requested a trade if the Packers acquired Randy Moss.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

Ben's truck went for 35,270.00.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I'll eat straight Crisco for a month so I can be Lavalier!

(By the way, I met his niece in a smoothie store in Virginia once. She started talking to me when she saw I was wearing a Buccos hat.)

Anonymous said...

That guy has some facts wrong. Pendleton didn't start the inning off with a bloop. He launched a high fly to the warning track in right field and got a stand-up double.

One often-overlooked piece of the game was that the ump who started the game behind the plate that night (John McSherry?) left early that night due to chest pains and another ump had to finish the game behind the plate. Not to sound like a Seahawks fan, but maybe Belinda gets a call or two and strikes out Damon Berryhill instead of walking him.

THe culprit is Jose Lind, no question. His booting of a routine grounder, by his standards, says "CHOKE" all over it.

Yes, Bonds flipped Van Slyke the bird after it was suggested he move in for a play at the plate. Nonetheless, the ball is in his glove before Bream reaches 3rd base. Watch the play. I've done it 1,000 times. There's no excuse for Bonds to not make a perfect throw and gun down the world's slowest runner at the plate.

I still remember watching WTAE's news coverage the following day and seeing footage of the MLB/CBS staffers hastily wheeling the champagne out of the Pirates locker room and into the Braves'. They even said that MLB was ready to present Wakefield with the MVP trophy. I wonder if any of the Pirates would have dumped a bucket of ice water on Tim McCarver???

I was in 11th grade when the Buccos lost that game on 11/14/92. And as much as it hurt that night, it would have been even worse if you had told me that 15 yrs later, the Buccos would be the LA Clipper of MLB.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that was 10/14/92.

I'll fall asleep tonight hearing Sean McDonough saying, "He hacked at the 2-0, now the 2-1.....LINE DRIVE AND A BASE HIT! Justice will score. Bream around third. Here's the play at the plate......he is.....SAFE! Safe at the plate! And the Braves go to the World Series!"

And the Pirates go to the lumber yard.