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Cowherabilia Gone Wild

So, anybody out there remember that there was a certain Cowher Family Auction going on during draft weekend? Well, apparently at least 1,500 (1,400 online and 100 in-person) collectors of Cowherabilia united to buy items from the new collecting genre of celebrity second-hand items.
Highlights, you ask?
--The Steelers ice bucket went hurdling past the $100-$200 estimates, ending at a whopping $550. Rumor has it that a Bengals fan wanted to buy it so he could destroy it on Cincinnati TV. Seriously.

--The hammer fell at $120 on Bill's Steeler logo desk clock. Probably won't look good on his new desk in Carolina.

--The 27" Panasonic TV and VCR combo went for a mere $40. Many an AFC Championship Game was surely second-guessed with this equipment.

--The statue of Bacchus, the God of Wine, sold for just $90. Quite a deal when you consider a Cowher bobblehead currently sells for almost as much. Frankly, I'd rather have the bobblehead.

--The Waterford Crystal bowl sold for $250, below the estimate of up to $600. If nothing else, this proved that Cowher fans and collectors of fine crystal are birds of very different feathers.

So the Cowher Auction looked to be "great success", as Borat would say. The Cowhers generated some cash, the auction house gots tons of free publicity, and some Steeler fans now own their very own piece of The Chin. I'm hoping Bill and Kaye's positive experience will rub off on other departing Pittsburgh sports personalities. J-Peezy Auction, anyone?


tecmo said...

"Many an AFC Championship Game was surely second-guessed with this equipment"


Unknown said...

If there is a J-Peezy auction, you want to make sure Michael Vick is discouraged from getting his hands on the pitbulls. Just a hunch I have...

AJ said...

I call dibs on the golf cart!