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Happy Memorial Day

Unless some major news happens, and by major news I mean another piece of a Steeler's garbage coming up for sale, today is going to be a rare Monday off for yours truly.
If you have a minute, feel free to share your thoughts on the sporting world for this week's upcoming mailbag at Dogfights? Buccos? Stillers? You name the topic.
And since I truly can't take a Monday off without feeling guilty, here's a few links for you...
--The Pirates down the Reds, 14-10, in a charity softball game on Sunday. gives us the least photogenic MLB profiles. Congrats, Gorzo!

--The North Shore is getting a statue of the one and only Mr. Rogers. It will replace last year's Cowher Statue.

--Mondesi's House makes the cut on another edition of The Washington Post's Blog Show
--Pirates of the Carribean opening day take: $43 million. Pittsburgh Pirates' 2007 payroll: $38 million.
--Those great, loyal Yankee fans...divorcing their team after a few bad months. Lady, it's a good thing you don't live in Pittsburgh.
--I knew Mitch Mustain's entourage had a lot of stroke, but making his mom the offensive coordinator at USC? Say it ain't so, Pete Caroll!
--Mustain's former Arkansas teammate, Malcolm Sheppard, has grown a lot in the last year. He must drink a lot of milk.


Real McCoy said...

The kicking game came back to bite the Reds today. Shayne Graham's struggles continued over into the baseball season with one block and one miss in Saturday's Reds/Bucs game.

Tim Murray said...
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