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An Update on Your Former Pirates

Ever wonder how the former Buccos were doing, but didn't feel like looking up their stats? Well, today is your lucky day. I've done the research, and I've even looked up their salaries. It's interesting to see how some guys (Perez, Young) have really blossomed, while others (Giles, Kendall) look like colossal wastes of money. And why did I do this today, you ask? I don't know...probably because I wanted to talk some hardball, but didn't necessarily want to rehash being shut out by a pitcher who entered the game at 1-6 with a 5.31 ERA.

Bold indicates a starter for their team

Aramis Ramirez, CHI: .297, 12 HR, 36 RBI ($9 million)

Barry Bonds, SF: .275, 12 HR, 25 RBI, .494 OBP ($15.5 million)

Brian Giles, SD: .276, 1 HR, 12 RBI ($9.6 million)

Bronson Arroyo, CIN: 2-5, 4.01 ERA ($4.3 million)

Chris Young, SD: 5-3, 2.70 ERA ($600,000)

Craig Wilson, CWS: .172 batting average, released by ATL ($2 million)

Daryle Ward, CHI: .286, 0 HR in 35 AB ($1 million)

David Ross, CIN: .218, 6 HR, 17 RBI ($1.6 million)

Emil Brown, KC: .205, 1 HR, 15 RBI ($3.4 million)

Jason Kendall, OAK: .182, 0 HR, 12 RBI ($13.4 million)

Jason Schmidt, LAD: 1-2, 7.36 ERA (Placed on DL April 17) ($15.7 million)

Jeff Suppan, MIL: 6-5, 3.58 ERA ($6.2 million)

Jon Lieber, PHI: 2-2, 3.45 ERA ($7.8 million)

Jose Guillen, SEA: .269, 6 HR, 27 RBI ($5 million)

Josh Fogg, COL: 1-5, 4.53 ERA, 15-day DL ($3.6 million)

Kenny Lofton, TEX: .266, 4 HR, 13 RBI, 16 SB ($6 million)

Kip Wells, STL: 2-9, 6.20 ERA ($4 million)

Kris Benson, BAL: Out for the season ($7.9 million)

Mark Redman, TEX: 0-4, 11.63 ERA with ATL ($750,000)

Mike Gonzalez, ATL: Out for the season. ($2.3 million)

Oliver Perez, NYM: 6-3, 2.54 ERA ($2.3 million)

Rob Mackowiak, CWS: .235, 1 HR in 98 AB ($2.7 million)

Roberto Hernandez, CLE: 0-2, 5.59 ERA, 3 Holds ($3.3 million)

Sean Casey, DET: .266, 0 HR, 10 RBI ($4 million)

Tim Wakefield, BOS: 5-5, 3.36 ERA ($4 million)

Ty Wigginton, TB: .250, 10 HR, 27 RBI ($2.7 million)

Here we have a few of the "Almost Pirates":

Jeff Weaver, SEA: 0-6, 14.32 ERA ($8.3 million)

Ryan Shealy, KC: .221, 2 HR, 13 RBI ($392,000)

Trot Nixon, CLE: .283, 2 HR ($3 million)

....and one final interesting stat line to close on:

Andy LaRoche, LAD (Adam LaRoche's brother): .200, 0 HR, 3 RBI in 35 AB.


Dirty Sanchez said...

Sweet Jesus, Emil Brown is making $3.4 million this year? No wonder the Royals suck.

Scott said...

How many of those guys would you want to see playing for the Pirates now?

Based on their numbers this year, not many. Among position players, only one - Aramis Ramirez.

Among pitchers, there are several who would be an upgrade: Oliver Perez, Jeff Suppan, Chris Young, Jon Leiber, and Bronson Arroyo.

Anonymous said...

I'm so used to laughing at the Pirates that I can no longer relate to baseball fans who actually take games seriously.

(Yes, this means you, Ronnie Florian.)

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

Did I miss Chris Young, or does he not count because he never played in the majors for the Pirates? Same goes for Stephen Drew.


Scott what about Tim Wakefield?