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Buy Ben's Ride!

What is it with Pittsburgh sports figures and auctions these days? First we had the recent sale of Bill Cowher's leftover junk that didn't make the trip to Carolina, and now I get word that The Goateed One is trying to move his 2004 Yukon Denali on eBay! Yes, you can buy Ben Roethlisberger's very own truck!

Is that Ben, or is it Brian Jackson?

Included with your purchase of the truck is a top of the line, $6,450 entertainment system and 24-inch Dub wheels and tires ($7,500) with only 700 miles on them. So for the second time in less than a month, Steeler fans will have an opportunity to own the personal belongings of their heroes. If only the Roethlisberger impersonator saved some money and worked on his timing, this could have been the purchase of a lifetime.

A few questions, if I may:

-This is a 2004 truck...2004 was Ben's rookie year...does that make this a "Rookie Truck", and does that further enhance the value, much like a rookie card?

-Will Ben sign it for the winner?

-Can you possibly imagine who rode shotgun in this ride? Teammates? Ladies? Trump?

-Two video screens in the back seat...were they installed so Ben can break down game film while a chauffeur drives him home?

-Do the sellers realize they actually listed this twice on eBay? Better take one down, or we may have a disgruntled Steeler fan-situation on our hands.

-Will this finally be the inspiration for Joey Porter to finally auction off the J. Peezy golf cart?


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The Duke from Dukes Court said...

Mark Madden basically read this entire post on his show yesterday. He did mention it was from