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Welcome WDVE Listeners

Welcome to the WDVE listeners who are discovering Mondesi's House for the first time this morning. The site is updated each day with news, opinion, and gossip on the Pirates, Penguins, Steelers, and Panthers. Plus, I always find some room for some odd news and YouTube videos that have nothing to do with sports whatsoever---they're just fun to view, especially for those of you frittering away time at work!

There's also a weekly contest to win Pittsburgh-related prizes, and you can always add your opinion in the comments section if you choose. My goal is to make this the ultimate website for Pittsburgh sports fans, in the city or around the country!
If you like what you've heard on the radio, here are a few selected pieces that I think you may enjoy:

In 1979, the Steelers won the Super Bowl, and the Pirates won the World Series. Since then, the two teams have gone in opposite directions. This is a year-by-year look at what went right and what went wrong...with added sarcastic commentary and photos.
The website asked me to write about the Steelers for their 2006 football preview series. Coming off of a Super Bowl victory, I had a bad case of Steeler fever. And here's 50 reasons why I love the black and gold so much.

55 Things That Annoy Me About Sports
Much like you, I have many gripes about sports and the way it's covered on TV. Here's a few examples of what makes me mad. asked me to write the 2007 Pirates season preview, and I was hard-pressed to find a positive angle after 14 straight years of losing. So I started to count all of the reasons why it's so difficult for a fan like myself to still love this team.
I unearth a small, regional magazine interview in which Big Ben reveals he is close buds with The Donald!

Big Ben Parties with Carson Daly & Slater
Total Request Live, Saved By the Bell, and Drink Like A Champion, all in one photo!
Borat was the "it" movie of 2006, and I sit down with the man himself and talk Pittsburgh sports!
He was a Super Steeler and a candidate for Governor...but who knew he could play beer pong?
The Pens practice five minutes away from my house. Check out this photo essay as I finally take a day off and visit the team.
Bubby, Kordell, Stoudt...they're all here!
In 2006, I wondered out loud who would play Pirate players in a movie version. Complete with side-by-side photo comparisons!
Who are the most powerful sports figures in Pittsburgh?
The inevitable sequel, where I revise my rankings!
She's Pittsburgh's most famous Penguin fan...and she was made famous by these photos on!
I discuss the state of the rivalry, and readers add their two cents...and then some!
Some video favorites:
"The Chin" relaxes on the beach and gets bothered by a fan!
Two classic moments from the 2006 Backyard Brawl!
The prospective Pens buyer lets one fly on live TV during the first game of 2006!
Remember Bryan Trottier and Kevin Stevens? Watch this classic video as they give an earful to Minnesota North Star Brian Bellows! Unedited!


tecmo said...

awww sheeet. a cool comprehensive list. hey dve listeners and new mh fans, this list rules. read them all.

Meadowbrookalum1 said...

Get a link to replay the interview...I missed it between parking and walking into work.

Unknown said...

meadowbrook, i am in your same position, if someone has a link, please post it, thank you